Due: The Superfast Reminder App for iPhone & iPad

If you are not happy with the current reminder app in your iPhone or iPad, “Due: The Superfast Reminder App for iPhone & iPad” is for you.
I have been using Due for 2 years and counting. Why do I like it? First, it is really fast and slick when adding a reminder, or a timer.

When a reminder went off, you can quickly tap to acknowledge it or double tap to extend the time. Beside that, you can also choose to snooze, which is very useful for me as sometimes I’m not ready to do something and will do it says, 30 minutes later.

The reminder in Due
The reminder in Due
If you tap on a reminder’s check box, Due will move it to the Logbook tab which you can reuse/recycle the reminder. It saves time from typing! If your reminder is a repeating reminder, the check box will show as a circle which will push the reminder to the next date/time.

The logbook which you can reuse reminders

Due’s Timers is also frequently used by me. Let’s say I want to cook an instant noodle or boil an egg, I just need to switch the 3 minutes timer on with a tap and tap it again to stop.

Due's Timer
Due’s Timer

Another function I like in Due is the ability to backup and sync to DropBox. You can then make sure your reminders are safe if you something happened to your device. You may choose to auto sync at launch or on exit.

Due sync with Dropbox
Due sync with Dropbox
And lastly the built in alert sounds. I really love the Glass Ping sounds as you can see below. It is soft but loud enough for me to hear and not to disturb people around me.

Due's setting
Due’s setting
My short apps review is based on my own usage and it might not cover all the functions in an app. Try it yourself and comment below if you prefer a different reminder apps.

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