Thean Chun Coffee Shop (天津茶室) at Ipoh, Perak

Thean Chun Coffee Shop (天津茶室) is a classic old restaurant at Ipoh, Perak. We went to Ipoh to attend a wedding dinner and decided to finally try the famous Thean Chun coffee shop.  It is located in a row of old shop houses in Ipoh.  This coffee shop has very nice “Kai See Hor Fun” aka Chicken Kuey Teow Soup, egg caramel custard, chee cheong fun and satay.  Since there are only two of us, we only ordered Chicken Kuey Teow Soup and egg caramel custard.

Thean Chun Coffee Shop (天津茶室) sells awesome Kai See Hor Fun and Egg Caramel Custard

Thean Chun @ Ipoh, Perak
“Kai See Hor Fun” aka Chicken Kuey Teow Soup.  The best I have eaten so far.  It has a kind of sweet smell that I have not found in other places selling “Kai See Hor Fun”.  The taste is very well balanced between the chicken slices, the freshness of the prawn and the herbs making it so flavourful.

Thean Chun @ Ipoh, Perak
After you have tasted some, try to eat with chilies to further enhance the taste.  The chilies are fresh and spicy.

Caramel Custard
The egg caramel custard.  Smooth, not too sweet and melt in the mouth.  One of the must try food in Ipoh according to friends.

Thean Chun @ Ipoh, Perak
In front of Thean Chun coffee shop (天津茶室).  There are a few food stalls inside but we cannot tried all since there are only two of us.

Thean Chun @ Ipoh, Perak
Uncle selling satay.  Got pork satay too.  Saw many people ordered the satay but we didn’t.  Will come again next time to try.

Our second visit to Restoran Thean Chun (天津饮冰室) in 2017

So, we revisited Restoran Thean Chun (天津饮冰室) in our recent Ipoh trip. Below are the photos from the trip. We reached here around 6.30 am to avoid the crowd. The restaurant is just opened and most of the stalls are not open yet.

Thean Chun's Egg Caramel Custard
This time, we ordered the egg caramel custard again since we miss it so much. Once a while, I will dream about this silky smooth dessert.

Thean Chun's Chee Cheong Fun
For this Ipoh trip, we also try the Chee Cheong Fun. One of the recommended dish here in Thean Chun.

Chee Cheong Fun stall in the restaurant
The Chee Cheong Fun stall get busy very early in the morning.

Curry sauce for the Chee Cheong Fun
Look at the pot of curry sauce for the Chee Cheong Fun. I’m not really a fan of curry in my Chee Cheong Fun. I prefer my Chee Cheong Fun to be plain with the default sauce.

Thean Chun's Chee Cheong Fun
Stacks of Chee Cheong Fun. I wonder how many rolls of Chee Cheong Fun the uncle sell in one day.

Restauran Thean Chun, Ipoh Perak
Shoot another photo of the Thean Chun coffee shop. Not much different from our previous visit in 2013.

Interior of Restauran Thean Chun
The interior of Restaurant Thean Chun. Still maintaining the old classic look.

Three must order menu item in Thean Chun
Three of the must order items here, egg custard, Wuyi Egg Tea and White Coffee. I haven’t try the Wuyi Egg Tea yet.

An painting of Thean Chun
A painting of this old classic coffee shop in Ipoh, Perak.

Madam Wong dumpling king in front of Thean Chun.
This time, we spotted the Madam Wong dumpling king in front of the coffee shop. There are many types of Chinese dumpling sold here. Click here to view a bigger photo of the menu.

Madam Wong dumpling king.
Some of the dumplings from Madam Wong dumpling king.

Nyonya style sambal bak chang (dumpling / zong zi)
We bought one Nyonya style sambal bak chang (dumpling / zong zi) and eat in Thean Chun.

Concubine Lane in front of Thean Chun Coffee Shop
The Concubine Lane is just opposite of Thean Chun coffee shop. If you want to buy some souvenirs or shoot some photo, just cross the road.

Restaurant Thean Chun coffee shop is a must visit if you are visiting Ipoh, for the local delicacies and nostalgic feel.

Restaurant Thean Chun coffee shop (天津茶室)
73, Jalan Market, Ipoh, 30000,
Ipoh, Perak, 30000, Malaysia

Phone Number: +60 5-255 3076

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