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Dusun Rainforest Resort in Seremban

the Dusun is a rainforest resort in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. We went there for company trip a few months ago and now only have chance to share about this amazing rainforest resort. the Dusun is a nice place if you love nature or just want to escape from city life for the weekend.

There is another rain forest resort which we went and blogged, the Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya. Both are also very nice for retreat. I like the swimming pool and Minangkabau food in the Dusun. For Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya, I like the Leap of Faith and the Flying Fox. the Dusun might have less activities but its food is special and delicious. the Dusun is also more suitable for a relaxing and calming retreat as the houses are quite isolated from each other.

Berembum House at the Dusun, Seremban

Berembum House at the Dusun, Negeri Sembilan

There are a lot of mosquitoes in this place and if mosquitoes love your blood, do not forget your mosquitoes’ repellent. There are also vape mats and mosquitoes net provided in the room.  It can also get very cold at night, so do remember to bring your jacket. If you want to walk around at night, bring a flashlight as it is very dark and you do not want to fall into the pool at night.  Other than that, enjoy natures and watch your steps as you might step on a big beetle.

Let’s some of the photos show you the wonder of this rain forest resort named the Dusun.

Beautiful river nearby the Dusun, Negeri Sembilan
On the first day, we walked to this river with streams nearby. The river is very clean and the water is very clear. You may swim and dive here to play with the fishes.

Clean river at the Dusun, Negeri Sembilan for swimming
Close up on the stream. Fresh and cold water from the mountain.

You can do Yoga here on the peaceful river near the Dusun
Laupoh doing her yoga on the rock.

Amazing sunset view at the Dusun, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
The tropical forest, imagine waking up to this scenery every day.

Some wooden chairs at the Dusun Negeri Sembilan
The wooden chairs in the resort’s patio, nice place to sit down, relax and play with the Dusun’s cats.

Eating local Malay kuih at the Dusun
Sitting at the patio and eat local Malay kuih at the Dusun.

Sora House of the Dusun with modern design
Some of us stay in the Sora House of the Dusun, which is a modern villa which looks as if it is about to fly off into the jungle. The biggest house here in this resort, I believe.

Upper part of Sora House at the Dusun
In the upper villa of the Sora House. Loves the wooden and glassy touch to it.

Interiour of the Sora House at the Dusun
A view from the living room of the Sora House. The living room is an open area so do not put your stuff here as it might get wet from the heavy rain.

Sora House's open roof bathroom
The open roof bathroom in Sora House. You can enjoy the nature of the rainforest while soaping your body.

Sora House's balcony for BBQ
The balcony of the Sora House.  We had our BBQ night here but were too hungry to take any photos.  You can eat your juicy BBQ chicken wing and stare into the mysterious rainforest at night.

Emas House, the golden house the Dusun, Negeri Sembilan
Next is the Emas House of the Dusun which can accommodate a family as well. Emas means gold in English, as it is painted in gold colour.

Rattan chairs in the Emas House at the Dusun
Chairs in Emas House for relaxing.  No cat spotted in this house though.

Emas House's bedroom
The bed room in the Emas House. Clean towels are provided.

Emas House's big balcony with BBQ pit
The big balcony of the Emas House. Every house has their own BBQ pit. It is quite spooky to stare into the darkness of the jungle from here at night.

Lying on the rattan mat
Lying on the rattan mat in the Emas House, the Dusun.

Kitchen of the Emas House
The kitchen of the Emas House.  Every house has their own kitchen and fridge.  You can cook your own food but I suggest to go with the Dusun’s local dishes which are awesome and very yummy!

Big beetle at the Dusun Negeri Sembilan
Spotted this big beetle in the Emas House.  Watch your step during your stay at the Dusun.

Berembun House of the Dusun Negeri Sembilan
Next is the Berembun house, which has its own pool.  You can jump into the pool before and after bed, so bring your swimming gear!

Berembun House at the Dusun Negeri Sembilan
Another view of the Berembun House at the Dusun.

the Dusun Negeri Sembilan's Perling House with swimming pool
Perling House also has its own pool, but not really sure as you need to climb up to reach this pool from the Perling House.

Take the stairs to the Perling House of the Dusun
Stairs going down to the Perling House of the Dusun.

the Dusun Negeri Sembilan's sleeping cat
The cat of the Dusun, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.  He was sleeping so I took the chance to shoot him. If you love cats, you will love the Dusun.

Cat posing for the camera at the Dusun
the Dusun’s cat woke up and posed for the camera.  There is a kitten here in the Dusun too but he is too active for the camera.

Overall the Dusun is a very nice rain forest resort and will visit again with family or friends very soon. There are activities like river swimming, trekking and bird watching. The food here is very delicious as well. Refer to their website for full activities and other information.

the Dusun at Seremban, Negeri Seremban

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