Kinabalu Pine Resort

Kinabalu Pine Resort Review at Kundasang, Sabah

Kinabalu Pine Resort is a wonderful resort at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for its amazing views and cold weather. This resort is our first night’s accommodation during our trip in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.  From this resort, we get the view of Mount Kinabalu. Reads on to find out about our review of this resort.

After eating delicious fresh fish noodle at Fatt Kee Fish Mixed at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, we took around 2 hours to reach the resort.  Why it took so long to reach this resort?  It is because Kinabalu Pine Resort is situated near the Mount Kinabalu.

Cabin at Kinabalu Pine Resort

One of the unique cabin at Kinabalu Pine Resort, Sabah

Kinabalu Pine Resort is a multi-award winning & privately run accommodation that caters to budget-conscious travelers.  All of their cabins have wide open porches that are facing the Mount Kinabalu.  But the most important for me, is the nice cold weather and I can use my new jacket bought from Taiwan.

A small hut surrounded by pines tree in the resort
The small hut welcoming us to the Kinabalu Pine Resort.  It is surrounded by pines tree or known to us as Christmas tree.  This is the first time in my life to see so many real pines tree.

Big and tall pine trees
So many tall and big pines tree!  A scene not easy to find in tropical country like Malaysia.

A cozy platform to relax and admiring the Mount Kinabalu
The weather is not so good on the day we arrived.  As you can see the Mount Kinabalu is covered by dark clouds.  It start to rains a little after this.  But lucky us the weather on the next day is better. Do continue to read to find out about Mount Kinabalu’s view from here.

The garden in the resort is very well maintained
One of the cabin here at Kinabalu Pine Resort . The garden is so well maintained. According to the websites, all the wooden cabins here are fully built using the exclusive Selangan Batu hardwood. The wood sure looks tough and pretty for a cabin.

Rabbit House at Kinabalu Pine Resort
There is a rabbit house here which is a small hut with a few rabbits.  You can play with the rabbits here if you love animals.

The cabins and gardens here are well-maintained

A glass cabin at Kinabalu Pine Resort, Sabah
A cabin with glass walls in the Kinabalu Pine Resort. Looks classy but this one is not ours, so I wonder how is the inside view of the cabin. I think the price should be more expensive than other cabins.

This place looks like winter season in a foreign country
Laupoh said this cabin looks like staying in a foreign country, so must take a photo first for memories.

Weather is cold here at Kinabalu Pine Resort, so must wear jacket
The weather at Kinabalu Pine Resort is very cold and I must wear my leather jacket. Don’t forget your jacket if you are planning to stay in this pine resort.

Wooden stairs at Kinabalu Pine Resort, Kundasang
A wooden staircase up to the wooden cabin. Most of the cabins and structures here are made from wood.

Kinabalu Pine Resort at Kundasang, Sabah is surrounded by those big pine trees
Do you love pine trees? There are so many of them for you to take photos.

An evening view of the cabin when lights are turned on
We stayed in this type of cabin for 1 night. It is comfortable and clean. We had a very good sleep because the weather is so cooling.

Come to this resort must take a photo with the Gunung Kinabalu
The next morning, the weather is so good. So, must take a nice photo with laupoh.  Yes, that is the Gunung Kinabalu at the back. Taking photo with Mount Kinabalu is the must do activity here at Kinabalu Pine Resort.

This is where we sit and admire the Mount Kinabalu in Pines Resort
Wooden chairs for you to sit and enjoy the scenery in the cold weather.  It is really cold here like Cameroon Highlands and it gets super cold at night.  So, don’t forget your jacket if you plan to visit Kinabalu Pine Resort.

Kinabalu Pine Resort must do: take many photos with Mount Kinabalu and pine trees.

A wide view of our cabin at Kinabalu Pine Resort.
A wider view of our wooden cabin which is a standard room that cost around RM 300 per night.

A clear sky allows us to admire the mighty Mount Kinabalu together with the pine trees
A closer view on the Mount Kinabalu from Kinabalu Pine Resort. Don’t miss the chance to take the photo once the sky is cleared, because the cloud can come again very quickly.

A view of Mount Kinabalu from the resort
It is really nice scenery here at this resort. Totally recommended to stay here at least for one night, if you are visiting Sabah.

The Pines, restaurant in Kinabalu Pine Resort
The Pines restaurant is where we had our dinner and breakfast. The food here are very fresh especially the vegetables, chili and fruits.

Close up on the pine leaves
Let me end this blog post with a close-up shoot on the green pine leaves. I wonder if people here use real pine tree as their Christmas tree?

Kinabalu Pine Resort is a really nice place to stay in Kota Kinabalu.  We hope to stay for more nights, but it is far from other places, so we only stayed here for 1 night We moved to the city part of Kota Kinabalu for the next few days to continue our Sabah trip journey.

Coming up next from our Sabah trip, we went for cows sighting and cow milking at Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. Desa Cattle Dairy Farm is another amazing place in Sabah, Malaysia!

Kinabalu Pine Resort
Kampung Kundasang
(Along Kundasang Ranau Highway)
Kundasang, Ranau,
Sabah, Malaysia

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