GO Bun House (有間麵館) At The School, Jaya One

Go Bun House (有間麵館) is a Chinese restaurant selling buns. Yes, you read it right, buns. Go Bun House is located just opposite the Go Noodle House which I blogged a while ago. The names and the styles or the shop are similar. They could belong to the same boss or could be sister companies. You can also sit in any of the restaurant and order each other’s food. For example you can order a bun from Go Bun House to eat with your bowl of hot soup noodle at Go Noodle House.

Go Bun House, served in dim sum plate
The buns are served in this wooden dim sum style plate. This is the Chinese Meatloaf Bun, RM 5.00 for one.

Chinese Meatloaf Bun
Let’s open the meatloaf bun and take a look inside. Luncheon meat topped with diced onion and cheese sauce with green veegetable.

Chinese Meatloaf Bun
A closer look on the luncheon meat. Very delicious eaten while hot.

Braised Pork Bun
The next bun we ordered is the Braised Pork Bun at RM 6.00. It has 3-layer pork cutlet wrapped together with juicy marinade and sprinkled with crunchy peanuts. This is my favourite among all the buns.

Crispy Spicy Pork Bun
Crispy Spicy Pork Bun. Priced at RM 6, it comes with golden crispy cutlets of pork marinated with special spices and topped with Go Bun House’s special Signature Spicy & Sour sauce.

Crispy Spicy Pork Bun
Lets look inside the crispy spicy pork bun.  Each bite is satisfying and tasted special as we normally eat this dish with white rice.

Taiwan Hot Dog Bun
This is the Taiwan Hot Dog Bun, at RM 6. It is homemade Taiwanese pork sausage with special sauce.

Go Bun House after dinner
How many plate of buns can you eat? The size of the bun are quite small and I need to eat two to be full. You can also order noodles from Go Noodle House and share with your lunch or dinner partners.

GO Bun House At The School, Jaya One
The kitchen area of the Go Bun House. The buns are kept warms here.

GO Bun House At The School, Jaya One
The Chinese style decoration of Go Bun House with this wooden door. This side is facing directly to the Go Noodle House

GO Bun House At The School, Jaya One
Outside of the Go Bun House. You can easily spot this shop in level P1 of The School, Jaya One.

GO Bun House At The School, Jaya One
Ancient Chinese decoration in the Go Bun House.

Menu of GO Bun House At The School, Jaya One
The menu of the Go Bun House, click here for bigger size.

The address below belongs to Go Noodle House since I cannot find the address of the Go Bun House.

Block D, The School, Jaya One,
61-P1, Jalan Universiti,
Petaling Jaya, Seksyen 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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