Yik Kee Restaurant 益記酒家 at Karak, Pahang

On the way to Bukit Gambang Resort, we dropped by at Yik Kee Restaurant at Karak to have our lunch. Yik Kee Restaurant is an old Chinese Restaurant selling Chinese dishes and dim sum. It is a good idea to eat here first before driving to Gambang as there are not many food choices there. Yik Kee Restaurant actually have a branch at Petaling Jaya with the name Sri Karak Restaurant which we always visit for its delicious durian bomb.

Yik Kee Restaurant at Karak, Pahang serves yummy dim sum and durian bomb

siu mai (pork dumpling) and Chinese tea at Yik Kee Restaurant, Karak
My favorite siu mai (pork dumpling) and Chinese tea at this Chinese Restaurant at Karak, Pahang.

This restaurant is popular for its durian bomb
Not a common item for dim sum, the durian bomb is a must have if you visited this restaurant or its branch the Sri Karak Restaurant at PJ. The durian bomb is best to be eaten fresh. If you take away, it is not as nice as the fresh one.

Dim sum at Yik Kee Restaurant at Karak, Pahang
Our spread of many varieties of dim sum. All also very yummy and delicious.

Durian poster at the Chinese restaurant
An old durian poster in the Yik Kee Restaurant. I did saw the branch at New Town, Petaling Jaya selling fresh durian and frozen durian but it is named as Sri Karak Restaurant.

Some classic items at the restaurant
Some old classic items at the counter of this Chinese Restaurant from our parent and grandparents’ generation.

The restaurant has many branches in Malaysia
There are a few branches of Yik Kee Restaurant as you can see in the photos here. The one in New Town, Petaling Jaya is the one we always go for dinner.

Food menu of the Restaurant at Karak, Pahang
The food menu of the Chinese restaurant at Karak town. I have tried the egg tart and durian cake at Sri Karak Restaurant which are also delicious.

Exterior of the Yik Kee restaurant
The exterior of the delicious Chinese restaurant. Easily spotted when you are reaching here. This restaurant is also available in WAZE.

After our satisfying lunch here, we drove to Bukit Gambang Resort City and Safari Park. Read more about our weekend getaway here.

29, Jalan Besar
28600 Karak

Phone Number: 09-2311240

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