Penang Air Itam Laksa

Penang Air Itam Laksa 槟城亚依淡巴刹叻沙, Awesome Penang Food

Penang Air Itam Laksa (槟城亚依淡巴刹叻沙) is our next target after feeling refreshed with the cendol at Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul 槟城律驰名潮州煎蕊. Around 15 minutes drive from our homestay at Havara Place, Air Itam is a famous town in Penang. In this town, you can find two of the popular destinations in Penang, the Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) and Kek Lok Si Temple (極樂寺). This town is also where the one of the best Asam Laksa stall is located.

When we reached Air Itam, there are many cars but the traffic is still OK. We parked somewhere up the hill and walked down to the Penang Air Itam Laksa stall. There are many customers and all the tables are full, so we have to wait. According to the staff, we must get a table to sit down first before ordering. It was a very hot day but this Penang Asam Laksa is definitely worth all the sweat and time.

Delicious Spicy, Sour and Fragrant Penang Air Itam Laksa

Spicy, sour and fragrant Penang Air Itam Laksa

A delicious bowl of Penang Air Itam Laksa
Finally it is our turn. We ordered one bowl for each of us. The portion is small, so it is just nice for us to try many other Penang food. The photo above is the original look of the Asam Laksa before I stirred and mixed up everything.

Penang Air Itam Laksa thick broth made from mashed mackerel in tamarind base stock
The thick broth is made from mashed mackerel in tamarind base stock and served with thick shrimp paste with aromatic mint leaves, onions and chilies. The broth is deliciously sour and not too spicy for me. I almost finish drinking the broth but the thought of other nice Penang food stopped me from filling up my stomach.

Springy and chewy thick rice noodles of Penang Air Itam Laksa
A closer look on the Asam Laksa. You can see the springy and chewy thick rice noodles, fresh mackerel, onion, thick broth and prawn paste (which I already mixed in the broth).

Penang Air Itam Laksa's chef
This uncle is everywhere on Google Images if you search for Penang Air Itam Laksa. You can watch the uncle and his team in action in the video below:

The uncle scoping Penang Air Itam Laksa for us
The uncle will scoop the boiling the hot broth and bath the noodle in a bowl a few times. Not sure if it is to cook the noodle or if it is to make sure the thick rice noodle get covered evenly with the delicious thick broth.

The team of Penang Air Itam Laksa wearing same t-shirt
All the staffs here wear their Penang Air Itam Laksa t-shirt and apron. Spotted this boy helping out at the stall.

he hardworking team at Penang Air Itam Laksa
The team working hard at preparing bowls and bowls of Asam Laksa.

RM 4.50 only for a bowl of Penang Air Itam Laksa
Penang Air Itam Laksa is all yours for RM 4.50 a bowl.

The logo of Penang Air Itam Laksa

Penang Air Itam Laksa 槟城亚依淡巴刹叻沙, The one and The Only One.


Contact Numner: 012-500 7063

Can be found in WAZE: Yes
Air Itam Market (Jalan Pasar),
Air Itam, Penang 11500

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM

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