Penang Ferry Experience

Penang Ferry Experience from the Island to Butterworth

This post is about my first experience riding on Penang ferry. After nice breakfast at Kedai Kopi Kong Thai Lai (广泰来茶室) and checkout from Havara Place Homestay, we drove to the Penang ferry terminal which is not too far away.  During this Penang trip, we stayed a night on the island and another night at Aroma Hotel, Butterworth.

According to Wikipedia, the ferry service here is the oldest ferry service in Malaysia. Since we were coming from the island, we are taking ferry from Raja Tun Uda ferry terminal at Weld Quay to Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal in Butterworth. Although the Penang bridge is nearer, we decided to take the ferry just for the experience.

Waiting for our turn to go onto the ferry
Waiting for our turn to go into the Penang ferry. The ferry has two floors, the lower deck and the upper deck. There are not many cars on that day and we only queued for around 10 minutes.

Panorama from the ferry
While waiting for all the car to be in the Penang ferry, we went down from the car and shoot some photos from the ferry. Spotted this Star Cruise docked nearby. The weather is also very nice on that day.

A closer view on the Star Cruise. Never been to one my whole life.

Panorama in the ferry
A view from inside the Penang ferry. There are also seats available on the upper deck for passengers to sit. I guess those are pedestrian?

Inside the ferry
The Penang ferry is finally full of cars and it can start moving. Seems like one ferry can carry around 30 cars?

Penang Ferry
Spotted a ferry passing by from the opposite direction. There are actually a few Penang ferries operating at the same time.

Penang Ferry
Another Penang ferry with different colourful painting.

View from the Penang Ferry
I guess this is the Penang Port.

Penang Ferry
Group of Penang ferry passengers looking at scenery and enjoying the sea breeze.

Getting ready to drive out from the ferry
Reached at Butterworth mainland and getting ready to go down from the ferry. Very nice experience riding the ferry for the scenery and sweet sea breeze.

There are actually four ferries operating everyday with 20 to 30 minutes arrival intervals starting from 5.20 am to 10.00 pm.
After 10pm, there is only one ferry operating with an arrival interval of 40 minutes until 1.00 am.

Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal (Island)
First ferry depart : 5.40 am
Last ferry depart : 1.00 am

Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal (Mainland)
First ferry depart : 5.20 am
Last ferry depart : 12.40 am

Refer to their website for updated information and pricing

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