Aroma Hotel Butterworth, Penang

Stay at Aroma Hotel Butterworth, Penang

After our ferry adventure from the Penang island to Butterworth, we checked into our hotel to stay one night in Butterworth. The hotel is the Aroma Hotel. We decided to spend our last night here in Butterworth to hunt the food here. Aroma Hotel is very near to the jetty and we reached here in less than 15 minutes. The traffic was clear too even though it is a long holiday weekend.

Lobby of Aroma Hotel Butterworth
Checking in at the hotel lobby, pretty fast and smooth. You can park your car in the hotel car park.

Bed in Aroma Hotel Butterworth Penang, Malaysia
The king size bed at Aroma Hotel. Thick and comfortable.

Bed in Aroma Hotel Butterworth Penang, Malaysia
Another angle of our sleeping bed for the night.

LCD TV at Aroma Hotel Butterworth Penang, Malaysia
Aroma Hotel comes with this Sharp Aquos LCD Television. No Astro though, compared to our stay at Havara Place homestay

Aroma Hotel Butterworth Penang, Malaysia
The table and chair for you to write something, perhaps a postcard to you loved one.

Soap, Foam Bath and Conditioning Shampoo
Soap, foam bath and conditioning shampoo provided from Aroma Hotel.

Washroom at Aroma Hotel Butterworth Penang, Malaysia
Washroom and bathroom of Aroma Hotel. Rain shower available here.

Aroma Hotel Butterworth Penang, Malaysia
Aroma Hotel, Have a Pleasant and Comfortable Stay.

The only complaint I have is the room’s smell. It still has cigarette smell from previous tenants. Other than that, it is comfortable and a good place to stay in Butterworth, Penang. There are a lot of parking spaces in front of the hotel as well. The foods are nearby and there are some shops, cafe and restaurants just opposite the hotel.

11, Butterworth Business City Centre,
Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Malaysia
Phone/Contact Number: +60 4323 9111

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