Kafe Tsunami Village

Kafe Tsunami Village at Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Kafe Tsunami Village at Tanjung Bungah, Penang is a Chinese Seafood Restaurant. During our first day of company trip to Penang, we went here for dinner. Not sure why the name is cafe instead of restaurant. Perhaps it was a cafe before this?

Tsunami Village Cafe
Since we are staying in Hard Rock Hotel, Kafe Tsunami Village is just a 5 minutes drive away. You can spot the restaurant easily from the road with 3 big banners like this.

Tsunami Village CafeEntrance to the restaurant. You can also enter the restaurant from the beach side. There are not many car parks here, so you might need to park on the road side.

Tsunami Village CafeInside of the Kafe Tsunami Village. It is a very spacious and open area restaurant. Lets look at the food we ordered for dinner.

Kung Pao Cuttlefish at Tsunami Village CafeKung Pao Cuttlefish, very fresh and chewy.

Sweet and Sour Steamed fish at Tsunami Village CafeSteamed fish with preserved vegetable and tomatoes. Very addicting gravy and goes well with my rice. The fish is very fresh and delicious.

Steamed Drunken Prawn Tsunami Village CafeSteamed Drunken Prawn at Tsunami Village Cafe. My favourite dish of the night. The soup is very tasty with wine and prawn.

Steamed Drunken Prawn at Tsunami Village Cafe
The size of the fresh prawn in my bowl.

Vegetable at Tsunami Village Cafe
Stir fried kai lan to balance the meal.

Fried Eggplant at Tsunami Village Cafe
Kam Heong Eggplant here is one of the signature dish at Kafe Tsunami Village. The taste blend very well together.

Fried Chicken at Tsunami Village CafeFried chicken in marmite sauce.

Tofu at Tsunami Village CafeMinced meat tofu.

Beach and boats at Tsunami Village CafeBesides the delicious fresh seafood, Tsunami Village Cafe is situated just next to this beautiful beach. You can play on this beach first before the dinner.

Beach and boats at Tsunami Village CafeThere are many boats docking on this beach. You can enjoy the view of colorful sunset while enjoying for dinner at Tsunami Village Cafe.

Beach and boats at Tsunami Village Cafe
Delicious and fresh seafood with nice beach view and sea breeze. There is simply nothing else I can ask for. Besides, you can see the floating mosque from here.

Clear sky with birds at Tsunami Village Cafe
It was a nice weather the day we came here with many birds flying around.

Tsunami Village Cafe
Take this stair to the beach from the restaurant.

Do make a reservation or come here early as the restaurant get many customers during dinner. If you are staying on this Tanjung Bungah side of your trip to Penang, it is worth a dinner here for the seafood and environment. If you are on the George Town side, do try Ah Chui Seafood Restaurant 阿水海鲜 at Jalan Paya Terubong, Ayer Itam.

Kafe Tsunami Village
Address: 543-A Tanjung Bungah, 11200, Penang
Phone: 012-487 2718 / 019-447 2718


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