Backlane Coffee Jonker Street Melaka

Backlane Coffee at Jonker Street, Melaka

Backlane Coffee is a nice cafe place in the Jonker Street of Melaka. After exploring the Jonker Street for a few hours, we decided to hang around this cafe for a short break before continuing our adventure in the centre of Melaka’s Chinatown. There are many nice and special decoration in this cafe. I also like the natural light from the big window in the cafe. Read on to find out more.

Backlane Coffee’s nice glass of Green Tea Latte

Green Tea Latte at Backlane Coffee.
My delicious Green Tea Latte at RM 12.90 per glass. Flower for decoration only.

Cheese cake at Backlane Coffee Melaka
Yummy cake is also availabe at Backlane Coffee. But we came here for a drink only, didn’t try their desserts.

Backlane Coffee Melaka's sweet desserts
All kinds of desserts available here. According to Food Everywhere, Backlane Coffee’s Macaroon is delicious.

The friendly staff at Backlane Coffee Melaka.
Order your drinks and food from the friendly staffs at this counter.

Lots of decoration in Backlane Coffee Melaka
Some decoration and plants in the cafe.

Another cozy corner in Backlane Coffee Melaka, facing the backstreet of Melaka
A chair by the window facing the backlane of Melaka. Nice spot to sit down with a cup of coffee and think about what to write next.

Antique and other decoration at Backlane Coffee Melaka
More decoration in the cafe. I like the vintage phone and the London Royal Guards.

London Royal Guard at Backlane Coffee Melaka
A close up photo in the London Royal Guard in Backlane Coffee.

An antique phone at Backlane Coffee Melaka
A vintage phone on the wall.

Souvenir shop in front of Backlane Coffee Melaka
To go into the Backlane Coffee, we need to pass by this souvenir shop, which has lot of cute and attractive stuff for sale.

Spotted this Minions and Doraemon's kid at Backlane Coffee's sovenir shop
Spotted this Doraemon soft toy wearing Minions’ eyes?

Food and Juices at Backlane Coffee Melaka
Sandwich, pizza and other food at Backlane Coffee. Slow juices is also available for RM 12.

Backlane Coffee Melaka's drink menu
Beverages menu at Backlane Coffee such as chocolate, tea, honey and other drinks I have never heard of.

Backlane Coffee Melaka's coffee choices
Coffee and tea has their own menu.

Backlane Coffee is definitely one of our favourite cafe place in Melaka. Do you have a favourite cafe place in Melaka? If yes, do share in the comment below!


Cafe’s Address:
129 Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka

Business Hours:
Monday – Thursday 11am till midnight
Friday – Saturday 11am till 1am
Sunday – 10am till midnight

Telephone Number:
062820542, 01133317316

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