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Hotel Puri Melaka at Jonker Street Review

Hotel Puri Melaka is an awesome place where we stayed during our 3 days and 2 nights Melaka trip. This hotel is located in a row of heritage shop houses in the Jonker Street of Melaka. We choose to stay here for the convenient of exploring Melaka’s Jonker Street. We just need to park our car in the hotel’s car park and exploring the Jonker Street without worrying about traffic jam. How is our experience? Read on to find out more on my personal review on this hotel.

Hotel Puri Melaka’s Awesome Lobby

Lobby of Hotel Puri Melaka
A panorama shoot in the hotel’s lobby. Since it is Chinese New Year week during our visit, Hotel Puri is decorated with many Chinese New year decorations. The setup here is a Baba & Nyonya’s wedding, I think.

Lobby of Hotel Puri Melaka
A closer look on the Hotel Puri’s wedding setup.

Hotel Puri Melaka's vintage ceiling with natural light
One of the interesting part in many shop houses of Melaka is the ceiling opening such as this one in the hotel. This provides natural lights and also natural cooling for the house.

Hotel Puri Melaka's Spiral Stairs
Our room is on the ground floor but I’m curious and went up this spiral staircase.

A view from upstair's balcony
From the first floor of Hotel Puri Melaka, I shoot this photo of the Chinese New Year decoration.

A grand piano in Hotel Puri Melaka
Spotted this grand piano but no one is playing during our stay.

A horse carriage in the hotel
A Chinese horse carriage in the Hotel Puri Melaka, the human’s transportation before the car is invented.

A vintage barber chair in Hotel Puri Melaka
I walked around in the hotel and saw this vintage barber chair. It is just like a museum in the Hotel Puri Melaka.

Hotel Puri Melaka's garden
There are many plants and mini gardens such as this one in the hotel. From outside the hotel looks small but in the inside it is very big.

Guan Yu Statue riding horse
Spotted this Guan Yu Statue riding his house in Hotel Puri.

Puri Puri Signature Package Spa and Massage
Hotel Puri also provides spa and massage via their Puri Puri Signature.

Puri Puri Signature Package Spa and Massage
Choose your favourite massage oils and spa treatments.

Enough with the lobby, lets look at our hotel’s room.

Our room at Hotel Puri Melaka

Hotel Puri Melaka's room with king-sized bed
Our comfortable bed at the hotel.Bed sheet and pillows are clean and smell nice.

Hotel Puri Melaka's writing table
Our room comes with LCD TV and a writing table.

Hotel Puri Melaka's room
Another view of our room showing the sofa.

Hotel Puri Melaka's washroom
The washroom is clean and tidy.

Hotel Puri Melaka's bathroom
Shower is nice and the water pressure is strong enough.

The toiletries provided by the hotel
The toiletries provided by the Hotel Puri but we always bring ours in case we are not used to the one provided by hotel.

Next, let’s look at the breakfast of Hotel Puri.

Hotel Puri’s Breakfast

A view of the breakfast place in the evening.
Hotel Puri provides breakfast at this cozy location on their ground floor.

Hotel Puri Melaka's breakfast place
Spread of breakfast for you to choose from.

Hotel Puri Melaka's breakfast place
Everyone enjoying their breakfast here at Hotel Puri Melaka.

A cozy corner to enjoy hotel's breakfast
You can also choose to enjoy your breakfast at this cozy corner.

My breakfast at the hotel
My first round of the buffet breakfast, just a piece of bread with scrambled egg and hashed potato.

My breakfast at the hotel
Top view of my breakfast with a cup of milk tea.

Sunny side up and a glass of orange juice at Hotel Puri Melaka
My second round of buffet breakfast, sunny side up egg with orange juice.

Hotel Puri will be one of our choice of staying place if we plan to visit Melaka again in the future.

Hotel Puri Melaka.
Website | Facebook

118 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia.
Telephone Number: +606 2825588, +606 2815588

We booked our hotel room from Agoda.

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