Jonker Street Melaka

Our Adventure at Jonker Street and other streets of Melaka

Jonker Street which is also known as Jalan Hang Jebat is a popular Melaka’s tourist area for its food, historical buildings, heritage houses and Baba & Nyonya’s cultures. This post is about our little adventure in exploring the Jonker Street and the areas around it.

Jonker Street, I’m here for the food and photography

Melaka' colorful wall with a small plant growing.
After we parked our cars at Hotel Puri‘s car park, I noticed this colorful wall with the tiny plant growing out from it.

JT Minimart is where we rent our bicycles.
To explore Jonker Street, laupoh suggested to rent bicycles. We rent ours from JT MiniMart. You can check the latest price from their website. Also checkout their Facebook for more photos.

JT MiniMart
40 Jalan Tukang Besi 75200 Melaka
75200 Melaka
Phone Number: 016-717 6663

My ride for exploring Jonker Street.
My ride for the Jonker Street adventure. Bicycles from JT Minimart are very new and well-maintained.

Cycling along Jonker Street of Melaka.
Some of the roads are narrow and full of cars, so we cycle in front of the shops.

Ribena packaged in blood pack.
Spotted those packs of blood at Love Guest House.

Love Guest House, Melaka.
Love Guest House. Maybe one day we will try this guest house. From their Facebook the rooms look nice.

Ready to cycle with the blood pack.
So we bought one blood pack each in case we lost some blood during our exploration. It is actually Ribena by the way.

Trishaw or beca, for tourists.
If you are lazy to cycle, you can get a trishaw (beca) driver to bring you around Jonker Street. There are many nicely decorated trishaws in Jonker Street such as this Hello Kitty one. Some are equipped with loud speakers.

One of the historical temple in Melaka
Cycle cycle and we passed by this Chinese temple. There are some old temples around here for you to pray or take photo if you like to take photos of historical buildings.

Lion statue at the temple.
One of the lion statue at a temple.

A view of Malacca River.
After cycling around for 10 minutes, we reached the Melaka River.

Casa de Rio, a hotel facing Malacca River.
There is this nice 5-stars boutique hotel here facing the Melaka River, the Casa de Rio

Melaka River.
A panorama view of Melaka River and the Casa de Rio

A river cruise on Malacca River.
If you like, you can also go for a river cruise on the Melaka River for sightseeing the Melaka city.

Laupoh and me posing with our bicycles.
Laupoh and me posing with our bicycles at the Melaka River.

Backstreet of Melaka' Jonker Street.
After playing around the Melaka River, we cycled to this backstreet of Melaka.

Beautiful backstreet of Melaka.
We spotted this beautiful and colorful garden behind one of the house.

Laupoh and me posing with this beautiful backyard.
Laupoh and me posing here at the backstreet garden.

Laupoh and me posing with this beautiful backyard.
So beautiful that we shoot a few more poses.

Another beautiful backyard at Jonker Street.
Another beautiful backyard with flowers and plants.

The Orang Utah House.
THE ORANGUTAN HOUSE. THE ORANGUTAN HOUSE was established in 1992 as the studio-gallery of Charles CHAM in Melaka. You can get T-shirt, paintings and wearable arts here as souvenirs.

Entrance to Eng Choon Association.
A classic entrance to the Eng Choon Association.

The stage at Jonker Street Melaka.
The stage at Jonker Street for performance.

Jonker Street Melaka main purpose: Food.

Famous durian puff at Jonker Street.
Next, we start to eat and eat. The first thing we ate is this famous durian puff (Taste Better) at Jonker Street.

Taste Better
Address: 96, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 12-862 6575

Famous durian puff at Jonker Street.
Their motto is one bite puff, which means we can put the whole puff inside our mouth in one shot.

Sweet pomelo at one of the shop in Jonker Street.
Many shop selling sweet pomelo as it is still Chinese New Year week.

Fruit ice shake.
Spotted this Aiskrim Goyang Buah-buahan (translated as Shaked Fruit Ice-cream?)

Watermelon juice served in watermelon.
Watermelon juice served in a watermelon, one of the popular juice in Jonker Street.

Preparing the watermelon juice in watermelon body.
Preparing the watermelon juice in watermelon. Basically the seller drills a hole in the watermelon and continue to drill around until all the watermelon flesh became juice.

Grilled squids at Jonker Street Melaka.
All kinds of grilled squids.

Stinky Tofu.
Stinky tofu, laupoh’s favourite. This Melaka’s version is not as stinky as KL’s version.

Grilled scallops and other seafoods.
Grilled squids, scallop and other seafood.

Chicken satay.
Chicken satay, my favourite Malaysian’s food.

One of the cookies shop in Jonker Street Melaka.
Many shops here selling local Nyonya delicacies such as this Christina Ee Jonker Nyonya Enterprise.

Grilled squid.
Grilled squids using charcoal.

Steamed chicken, tauge and sour spicy vegetables.
Overview of our lunch at Kedai Kopi Chung Wah, Jonker Street.

Tauge at the chicken rice shop.
Taugeh, normally eat chicken rice will order this.

Sour spicy vegetables.
We also ordered this sour spicy vegetables to complement our meal at Kedai Kopi Chung Wah

Chicken rice ball.
One of the specialty at chicken rice shop around Jonker Street is this chicken rice ball.

Melaka's Chicken Rice.
Delicious and juicy smooth steamed chicken at Kedai Kopi Chung Wah.

A girl preparing cendol.
A girl preparing cendol. Yes, you can order cendol at Kedai Kopi Chung Wah.

Kedai Kopi Chung Wah
Business Hours: Everyday from 07:30 am – 3:00 pm
Address: 18, Jalan Hang Jebat, Malacca
Telephone Number: +606 286 0121

Mamee Monster Melaka.
Another attraction at the Jonker Street is the MAMEE Jonker House. Here, you can buy MAMEE stuffs and also learn about the history and operation of MAMEE.

Mamee Monster Melaka.
MAMEE Monster preparing MAMEE.

Posing with Mamee Monster Melaka.
Posing with MAMEE Monster in fron of the MAMEE Jonker house.

Colorful shophouse.
One of the many heritage shop houses in the Jonker Street.

Beautiful shophouse.
Another well maintained traditional shop house.

Don't Mess with Melaka.
And finally, please don’t mess with Melaka.

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