Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant Sekinchan (旺盛海鲜酒家)

Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant Sekinchan (旺盛海鲜酒家)

Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant (旺盛海鲜酒家) is the place where we had our lunch and dinner during our trip to Sekinchan. The chef at this seafood Restaurant at Sekinchan has over 20 years of cooking experience according to Sekinchan.org. Since Sekinchan is also a fishing village, seafood here should be fresh and more affordable than cities area. But again, seafood price is seasonal, so better check the price with the waiter first before ordering. Let’s see the food we had at Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant Sekinchan.

Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant (旺盛海鲜酒家) serves delicious seafood at Sekinchan.

Mantis shrimp at Restaurants Wan Lau.
We ordered the yummy spicy mantis prawn at Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant. Mantis prawn is harder to remove the shell but the meat is sweeter than normal prawn.

Mantis shrimp at Restaurants Wan Lau Sekinchan
A closer look on the mantis prawn. It is one of the recommended dish if you came to Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant during your Sekinchan’s trip.

Salted baked crab at Restaurant Wan Lau.
One of the specialty at Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant is this Salted Baked Crab. I’m always a fan of crab, do visit my posts of crab adventures.

Chinese wine soup prawn
We also ordered the Chinese wine soup prawn. The medium-sized prawns are fresh and tasty.

Chinese wine soup prawn
The size of the prawn in my soup bowl.

Baby shark sliced at Restaurants Wan Lau Sekinchan
Another popular dish in Sekinchan seafood restaurants is the baby shark. We order this onion chili fried style of the baby shark meat. Not really a fan of this fish as it has a kind of smell which I don’t like.

Stir fried lala
Stir fried lala, lala is also one of my favourite seafood. Click here to read my post of restaurants with delicious lala dishes.

Fish slices
Fish slices fried with onions.

Salted-egg squids
Salted-egg squids, a dish that would never went wrong in a Chinese Restaurant.

Fishball soup at Restaurants Wan Lau Sekinchan
Homemade fish ball soup is delicious as well.

Fishball soup
My personal bowl of the fish ball soup.

Potato leave vegetables at Restaurants Wan Lau Sekinchan
Ordered this plate of potato leaf vegetable to balance our seafood meal

Overview of our meal at Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant.

Restaurants Wan Lau Sekinchan, live oyster available too.
Outside of Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant at Sekinchan. Live Oyster is also available here but we didn’t order as we ordered too much seafood already.

Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant Sekinchan

176, Bagan Sekinchan,
45400 Sekinchan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Telephone Number: +6014 669 3123 / +6019 228 9942
Business Hours : 4.00pm – 12.00pm, everyday except Tuesday.

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