Arashi Shabu-Shabu at MyTown, Cheras

Arashi Shabu-Shabu 岚新概念日式火锅 at MyTown, Cheras

Arashi Shabu-Shabu (岚新概念日式火锅) is a restaurant serving Shabu-Shabu (Japanese style Individual Hot Pot) at MyTown mall, Cheras. It is originally from Johor Bahru and now has opened branches in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and also Penang. If you don’t know what is Shabu-Shabu, Shabu-Shabu is a Japanese hotpot dish with sliced fresh meat and vegetables boiled in soup according to Wikipedia. We went to Arashi Shabu-Shabu at MyTown Cheras twice. This review post and photos are from both of the visits. Let’s start with the food photos of Arashi Shabu-Shabu.

Food at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras

Vegetables and side dishes for my Lamb Shabu Set.
I ordered a set of Lamb Shabu-Shabu which comes with the Shabu-Shabu ingredients as in the photo above. There are spurting pork meatball, treasure bag, tofu, crab stick, lobster ball, fu chuk, mushroom, cabbage and green vegetables. The set costs RM 30.90.

Fresh slices of lamb at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.
The fresh slices of lamb that comes with my Lamb Shabu-Shabu set at Arashi Shabu-Shabu. There are 6 slices of thin cut fresh lamb. Just need to swipe it in the hot boiling soup for around 10 seconds before you can enjoy it. Remember not to overcook the meat as it will become hard to bite.

Vegetables and side dishes for my Lamb Shabu Set.
Another photo of the Shabu-Shabu ingredients that comes with the Lamb Shabu-Shabu set. Behind the bowl is the pot with fire on and boiling the soup.

Vegetables and side dishes for my Lamb Shabu Set.
Top view of my Shabu-Shabu ingredients. The treasure bag is an uncommon item for Shabu-Shabu or steamboat in other restaurants.

Pumpkin noodle for my Shabu-Shabu set at Arashi Shabu-Shabu.
For my Lamb Shabu-Shabu set, I chose the pumpkin ramen. The pumpkin noodle is smoothly delicious. You can also choose white rice or bee hoon (rice vermicelli) to eat with the Shabu-Shabu.

Lamb slices for the Shabu-Shabu.
My cooked lamb slice on the pumpkin ramen. The lamb meat is very flavourful.

Big pork ball for the Shabu-Shabu.
The big spurting pork meatball from the Lamb Shabu-Shabu set. Only one pork ball for a set. You can add four more pork balls at RM 6.90.

Pork ball with minced pork inside.
Inside of the spurting pork meatball got juicy minced pork. Be careful when you bite into the ball as the juice might be spurting out.

Treasure bag for the Shabu-Shabu.
The treasure bag is delicious too. If you want to add more, it is RM 9.90 for three bags.

Mix beef/pork combo Shabu-Shabu set and white rice.
On another visit to Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras, I tried this Mix Beef and Pork combo Shabu-Shabu set with white rice.

Mix salmon and chicken combo Shabu-Shabu set.
This one is laupoh’s Mix fish and chicken combo Shabu-Shabu set. The ingredients that comes together are almost the same, only the meat is different.

Big slice of salmon for the Shabu-Shabu.
Laupoh gave me one slice of the salmon slice. The salmon is fresh and yummy.

Crab stick, golden fish ball, pork ball and treasure bag.
My cooked spurting pork meatball, crab stick, golden fish ball, treasure bag and Enoki mushroom. The sauce here is the Arashi Shabu-Shabu’s Crispy Prawn Chili Sauce. On our second visit, I couldn’t find this nice sauce though.

Overview of our meal at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.
Overview of our dinner at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.

Our meal at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.
Another overview of our food from another visit to this popular Japanese Shabu-Shabu restaurant chain.

Shabu-Shabu pot at Arash Shabu-Shabu 岚新概念日式火锅 MyTown, Cheras

Steamy Shabu-Shabu soup in the pot.
The pot at Arashi Shabu-Shabu is a personal one. The soup here is the Arashi Herbal Soup which need to add RM 2. It is worth the RM 2 as the soup is very nice and sweet.

The Shabu-Shabu pot.
The hotpot here is not using gas or electric stove but it is using this special container of fire.

Boiling the soup for the Shabu-Shabu.
To eat Shabu-Shabu, first, boil the soup. The photo here is my choice of Arashi Kombu soup which is a seaweed soup. I personally prefer the Arashi Herbal Soup for my Shabu-Shabu.

Sauces at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.

Thai Chili Sauce, Wafu Goma Sauce and Arashi Special Sauce.
Some of the sauces available for the Shabu-Shabu dipping are Thai Chili Sauce, Wafu Goma Sauce and Arashi Special Sauce.

Taiwan Satay Sauce, Hong Kong Sauce, Cili Padi and Chinese Parsley.
Also available are the Taiwan Satay Sauce, Hong Kong sauce, Cili Padi and Chinese Parsley.

Three kinds of sauces for the Shabu-Shabu.
I chose the Crispy Prawn Chili Sauce, Arashi Special Sauce and Wafu Goma Sauce for my meal. I like the Crispy Prawn Chili Sauce the most. Arashi Special Sauce is actually spicy chili sauce and the Wafu Goma sauce is sesame sauce.

Crispy Prawn Chili Sauce and Chili Sauce for my Shabu-Shabu.
The Crispy Prawn Chili sauce and Arashi Special Sauce.

Arashi Shabu-Shabu's Crispy Prawn Chili Sauce.
For the Arashi’s Crispy Prawn Chili Sauce, you can purchase a bottle or more of this awesome sauce to eat at home. The price for a bottle is only RM 14.90 for member and RM 16.90 for non-member.

For menu for Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.

Seven kinds of soup broth for the Shabu-Shabu with different price.
The soup selection menu for your Shabu-Shabu. There are ten choices of soup base ranging from Arashi Hot & Spicy Milk, Arashi Herbal Soup to Arashi Sukiyaki soup. I have only tried the Arashi Herbal and Arashi Kombu (seaweed) soup. Personally, I prefer the Arashi Herbal soup.

Boneless ribeye for addon with the Shabu-Shabu.
Arashi Shabu-Shabu’s premium meat addon such as this Boneless Rib Eye meat slice, served with ice at the bottom to maintain the freshness.

Different types of pork parts and premium Black Pork at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.
There are many types of pork slices to choose from such as the Premium Black Pork, Pork Shoulder and Pork Cheek.

Fish and seafood such as salmon and scallop for the Shabu-Shabu.
Fish and seafood menu of Arashi Shabu-Shabu 岚新概念日式火锅. There are three types of fishes including Salmon, Barramundi (Asian sea bass) and Cod Belly. Also available are scallop, mussel and prawn.

All kinds of balls and other addon for the Shabu-Shabu.
More Shabu-Shabu ingredients for you to choose from if the food included in your combo set is not enough. There are so many food to choose from.

Vegetables and mushroom menu at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.
Besides the meats, there are also mushroom and vegetables to balance the meal such as cabbage and Romaine Lettuce.

More addon for the Shabu-Shabu. Pumpkin noodle is also available.
More addon for the Shabu-Shabu. You can add an egg for RM 1.50.

Pork Shabu-Shabu set meal at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.
This page of the menu is the first page of the Shabu-Shabu set you can choose from. The menu is well made with the soup selection at some of the pages so that we do not need to flip back to the soup selection page to choose the soup.

Fish, chicken, beef and lamb Shabu-Shabu set.
More Shabu-Shabu set to choose from at Arashi Shabu-Shabu.

Combo set Shabu-Shabu combining two types of meat.
Don’t want to eat only one type of meat? Don’t worry as Arashi Shabu-Shabu also comes with Mix Combo set.

More combo meat Shabu-Shabu set at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.
More mix combo set at Arashi Shabu-Shabu. You can mix salmon and pork or beef and chicken.

Premium meat Shabu-Shabu set such as ribeye beef set.
There is also premium meat set such as this Boneless Rib Eye Shabu Set for 2 persons at RM 85.90.

More meat and seafood combo Shabu-Shabu set.
This page is the set for 2 pax if you come with your spouse or best friend.

Japanese Style Zosui (porridge) set.
Besides the Shabu-Shabu soup, you can also try this Japanese style Zosui which looks like Teochew  Porridge. What is Zosui? According to Wikipedia, Zosui is a Japanese rice soup similar to a vegetable soup with a lot of rice. It is usually served for the sick or unwell just like our Chinese’s porridge.

Arashi Bibimbap.
Arashi Shabu-Shabu is not only serving Shabu-Shabu but also Bibimbap. Those Bibimbap looks really delicious such as the Japanese Grilled Pork Bibimbap and Grilled Salmon Kimchi Bibimbap. You can also add Mozzarella Cheese into your Bibimbap for RM 3.50.

Arashi Teppanyaki Set or Ala Carte.
Teppanyaki is also available here. Really so many food to choose from. If you want to eat something hot and soupy but your friends don’t want, this place is a good choice as there are Bibimbap and Teppanyaki to choose from.

More teppanyaki set at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.
As a lamb lover, I wanted to try the Lamb Leg Teppanyaki but in the end, I choose the Lamb Shabu-Shabu set. Maybe next visit.

Arashi Vegan Shabu Set.
Vegan Shabu Set is also available here at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras. Not one but many types of vegan set to choose from such as Mushroom King Shabu Set and Natural Shabu Set.

More vegan Shabu-Shabu set at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown Cheras.
More Vegan Shabu Set to choose from in the next page.

Vegan teppanyaki and bibimbap.
Not only the Shabu-Shabu but the Bibimbap and Teppanyaki also got vegan set.

Side dishes at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.
More side dishes to choose from such as the Salted Crispy Salmon Fish Head and Pan-Fried Dumplings.

Dessert menu at Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras.
With so many pages of the menu, finally we reached the dessert menu. Arashi Shabu-Shabu serves Hokkaido Panna Cotta and Italian Creme Brulee.

Beverages such as tea and coffee.
The hot beverages such as tea and coffee.

More tea and coffee at Arashi Shabu-Shabu.
Next page is the cold beverages such as Iced Cappucino and Macha Milk Shake.

Tea and fruit juice menu.
Also available are the fruit juices and some special mixed drinks.

Food Menu Cover for Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown Cheras.
The front cover of Arashi Shabu-Shabu’s menu, very nicely designed and easy to use.

BNX membership card at Arashi Shabu-Shabu.
We also become a member here for RM 30 for a year. As a member, you can get 10% discount for food and beverages. On BNX DAY, members enjoy up to 50% discount on selected items. There is also a mystery gift for new member application.

Interior and Exterior

Seating inside Arashi Shabu-Shabu.
One of the table and seats in the Arashi Shabu-Shabu. The chairs here are very comfortable. The environment is very clean and the waiters here are very friendly.

Arashi Shabu-Shabu at MyTown, Cheras.
Shot this classy signboard of Arashi Shabu-Shabu while waiting to be seated.

Restaurant Arashi Shabu-Shabu at MyTown, Cheras.
The big sign board in front of the restaurant and some nice photos of the food for you to drool at.

Arashi Shabu-Shabu MyTown, Cheras entrance.
The entrance to Arashi Shabu-Shabu. There are many customers during dinner time so do make a reservation. We will definitely come back again to try other food and to make our RM 30’s member card worth the fee. Even though there are many eat all you can Shabu-Shabu out there, Arashi Shabu-Shabu becomes one of our favourite restaurant for its food quality, nice environment and friendly staffs. Hope Arashi Shabu-Shabu will open another branch nearer to our house.

Arashi Shabu-Shabu 岚新概念日式火锅 MyTown, Cheras.
Lot L2-026, Level 2, MyTOWN shopping centre, No 6, Jln Cochrane, Seksyen 90
55100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Phone Number: 03 2712 7530

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