Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家

Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家 at Sekinchan

Ah Ma House (阿嬤的家) / Grandma House is one of the many tourist attractions in Sekinchan. It is actually a bakery shop selling kuih kapit (love letters / egg waffle) and other traditional Malaysia local snacks, biscuit and dessert. The grandma egg waffle sold here has rich traditional taste according to the visitors. Ah Ma House is also a nice photography spot besides the food as you can find many vintage furniture and traditional appliances decorated nicely in the house. Those appliances were used by our grandmother decades ago, hence the name Ah Ma House, as Ah Ma means grandmother in Hokkien. Ah Ma House is situated on the same road as our previous place to visit, the Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery.

Ah Ma House (阿嬤的家), a place to learn more about our grandma’s generation

Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家 at Sekinchan
Ah Ma house is situated on the paddy field side of Sekinchan. If you want nice photos, remember to choose the correct season of the paddy fields.

Preparing Kuih kapit
Visitors can experience the traditional way of making of kuih kapit / love letter / egg waffle.  The kuih kapit is made by clasping egg batter using an iron mould and baked over charcoal. The egg waffle sold here is the Grandma Egg Waffle which has rich old days taste.

The making of cotton candy
There is also another stall in Ah Ma House (阿嬤的家) making cotton candy. The cotton candy can be made into many shapes and colours.

Prawn and fish crackers at Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家
Prawn and fish crackers in the shop. Perhaps the fish and prawns are from the local fisherman as Sekinchan is also a fishing village.

Handmade Souvenir at Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家
Besides the traditional snacks, there are handmade souvenirs for sale as well such as those boxes of beetles saying I love you.

Handmade fan at Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家
Colourful handmade fans. You can buy one to cool down yourself while walking on the paddy fields later.

Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家 - kitchen of our grandparents.
The kitchen appliances which our grandma used to prepare our meals decades ago. Spotted here is a vintage bicycle.

Inside Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家 with a lot of vintage furniture
Some antique furniture, old fan, sewing machines and typewriters. I think those furniture must worth a lot of money now.

Old fan, old TV and old phone.
An old TV set, black analogue telephone and fan. Cozy rattan chairs for tourists to sit down and experience the life of our grandma and grandpa.

Vintage clock at Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家
A vintage wooden clock that is still working in Ah Ma House (阿嬤的家). Do you notice there is a horse on the clock?

Homestay and mobile app for Sekinchan
This is a banner of Sekinchan Cartoons Homestay and Sekinchan Travel App. You guys can check them out if interested to come to this amazing place for a short trip. I also noticed there are more and more homestays in Sekinchan nowadays.

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Ah Ma House (阿嬤的家)
Webpage: http://www.ahmabakery.com

Jalan Tali Air 5, Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia.
Telephone number: +6019-3783300 / +6014-2305753 (Yumi)
Opening Hours: 9:30am to 6:30pm everyday

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