Paddy Processing Factory Sekinchan, Malaysia

Visit to Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery at Sekinchan

Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery is our next visit at Sekinchan after having our breakfast at Restaurant Riri Fatt Sekinchan. This place is under the management of PLS Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd and one of the paddy processing factory that allows tourist to visit and learn more about paddy processing and also about Sekinchan. It is a big building in the carpet of paddies and one would notice it very easily from far away. Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery also has a mini museum for tourist to learn more about paddy processing and the history of Sekinchan.

A giant rice at the entrance of Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery Sekinchan.
The big rice mascot in front of the Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery, welcoming the visitors.

Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery Sekinchan.
Wooden water turbine with water pond at the entrance as well. Water is a important element in paddy plantation business.

A buggy to plant the paddy.
A mini buggy with paddy nursery mat for you to take photo with. I wonder if they are really using this buggy for paddy plantation here in Sekinchan?

Products for sale at Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery Sekinchan.
In the Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery, tourists can come to this room to listen about paddy processing and introduction to different types of rice.

Rice soap at Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery Sekinchan.
Rice can also be made into soap with different fragrance such as mint, rose and lavender. Later you can buy the soap at their mini market down stair.

Paddy processing area at Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery Sekinchan.
A view of the paddy processing area in the factory. We can only see from behind the window and not allowed to go inside.

Paddy Field at Sekinchan
Paddy field just beside the Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery, Sekinchan.

The museum at Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery, Sekinchan

Many kinds of paddy.
Next, we went up to the mini museum in Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery. First thing we learn about many different kinds of rice.

Paddy processing methods.
We also learn about traditional paddy processing methods here.

Traditional ways of harvesting Paddy.
Photos from the past showing traditional ways of harvesting the paddy with cows instead of machines.

Another way of processing paddy.
Learn more about the rice we eat every day.

Some of the traditional stuff used by paddy farmers.
Some of the traditional stuff the paddy farmers used in their daily life.

Chinese Abacus
Spotted this Chinese Abacus which is used for calculation before we have calculators.

Cow was used previously on paddy field before the machines
Cow is used to harvest paddy before the machines.

Scarecrow to scare the birds away from paddy field
Scarecrow used to scare the bird away from the paddy field. I think scarecrow is still being used today.

How long have you been not having rice with your family?
A reminder to everyone, how long have you been not eating rice with your family?

Kitchen utensils used by our grandparents
Some of the vintage kitchen stuff at Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery at Sekinchan.

Some old and vintage stuff at Paddy Processing Factory mini museum
Old television and audio set, old iron and other vintage utensils. Nice classic collection they have here.

History of Sekinchan
Study a bit on the history of Sekinchan here. The word Sekinchan actually comes from Chinese which means the land is suitable for farming. Besides paddy plantation, Sekinchan is also popular for its farming and fishing village.

Ice cream at Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery Sekinchan
After the museum, we went to Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery’s mini market. Spotted this ice cream fridge with many kinds of flavours. So many until we don’t know which one to choose so we didn’t eat any ice cream.

Fu Chuk for sale in Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery Sekinchan
Fu Chuk Keping Goreng is also available at the mini market.

Pearl Rice Cendol
There is also pearl rice cendol for tourist to quench their thirst.

Healthy Brown Rice
Healthy brown rice, packed nicely for your convenience.

Rice bubble chocolate
Sekinchan Rice Bubble Chocolate. So, rice can also be mixed into chocolate.

Rice for pets
Do you know there is rice special for pets as well?

Fresh Corn
Fresh corn also available at a mini wet market opposite the factory.

Mango and lady finger
Mango, lady finger and other vegetables available at the wet mini market too. Mango from Sekinchan is very big and sweet.

Paddy field and the factory
A view of a paddy processing factory at Sekinchan from the roadside. We visited Sekinchan on a non-peak season so there are not many tourists to the factory and the paddy field does not look the best. You may refer to the table below to the best time of visiting Sekinchan. View all my posts on Sekinchan with this link. Our next destination during Sekinchan trip is the Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家.

When Activities of Paddy Plantation Paddy Field’s Colour
January – February Clean Up & Rest Time NIL
Beginning of March Transplanting Green
Middle of March – Middle of May Grow Up Whole Green
Middle Of May Mature Golden Yellow
June Harvesting & Reaping Yellow
July – August Clean Up & Rest Time Nil
Beginning Of September Transplanting Green
Middle of Sep – Middle of Nov Grow Up Whole Green
Middle Of November Mature Golden Yellow
December Harvesting & Reaping Yellow

Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery at Sekinchan

Lot No 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, Ban 2, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia

Contact number: +603-3243 6558 / 016-205 6558

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