Pantai Redang Beach at Sekinchan

Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩) at Sekinchan, Malaysia

Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩) at Sekinchan is our next destination after visiting Ah Ma House and Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery. It is the beach area of Sekinchan where Hong Kong TVB shot some of the scenes for Outbound Love (單戀雙城) drama here. There are also various local dramas and movies shooting on this beach. However, this beach is not suitable for swimming, snorkelling or diving like the Pulau Redang we all know about. So, what’s interesting here? Keep scrolling to find out more of this tourist spot in Sekinchan.

Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩) at Sekinchan is a popular tourist destination

Wishing tree at Pantai Redang Beach, Sekinchan
One of the attraction here at Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩) Sekinchan is this big old wishing tree entangled with red ribbons knotted with coins. Visitors can write their wishes on a red ribbon and tie with a coin and throw it up to the three.

Red ribbon knotted with coin on the wishing tree
A closer look on the wish ribbon on the wishing tree.

Writing your wishes
One of the visitor writing the wish on the red ribbon.

Chinese temple at Pantai Redang Beach, Sekinchan
The temple at Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩) at Sekinchan where you can get the wish ribbon to write your wishes.

Uncle preparing the incense
Spotted this uncle preparing the incenses for praying at the temple.

Happy kids playing at the Pantai Redang Beach, Sekinchan
There are many local kids and visitors’ kids playing happily around the Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩) Sekinchan.

Kids playing with bubble soap on the beach
The bubble soap is a popular item sold and played here.

This kid manage to make a big soap bubble
This kid is very skilful in producing big soap bubble.

Kids playing on the beach with soap bubble
Lots of kid here playing with the soap bubble.

Slim, long soap bubbles for sale
The stall selling the soap bubble. I didn’t buy and play because feeling very old already to play with the kids.

Juicy Jambu Air (rose apple), a kind of guava.
There are many fruit stalls setup here at Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩) Sekinchan such as this jambu air (rose guava) stall. We bought some home. They are really crunchy, fresh and juicy.

Sekinchan is also popular for their mango so you can see mango stall everywhere. One of the popular place to buy mango is Wan Chai Mango King (华仔芒果园) but we didn’t visit for this round trip.

Soursop ice cream
We also tried this fruit ice cream but in my opinion the taste is quite bland.

Shop selling souvenirs
Laupoh looking at souvenirs at one of the stall setup on the beach.

Shop selling souvenirs on the beach
Another stall selling kites to be played on the windy beach.

Container shop at Pantai Redang Beach Sekinchan
Spotted this container boxes that are being used as clothing shops.

Kids playing on the beach at Pantai Redang Beach, Sekinchan
Some of the kids playing on the Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩) at Sekinchan. You can also catch a beautiful sunset on the beach but we didn’t stay for too long.

Pantai Redang Beach, Sekinchan
Local people of Sekinchan and tourists relaxing under the tress at the beach. Such a slow and relaxing life on the beach.

Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩) at Sekinchan

Redang Beach, Jalan Pantai Redang,
45400 Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia.

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