A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.

A+ Boutique Hotel at Sekinchan, Malaysia

A+ Boutique Hotel is our resting place during our trip to Sekinchan, Malaysia. It is a unique hotel with a garden on the rooftop with 3D mural art. There are four types of rooms, Deluxe King, Family Suite, Theme Room and Standard Double. There is not much info on the theme room, just a photo of a room with carousel horse on Agoda’s website. How’s our stay here? Read my mini review below on the A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan to find out.

The lobby of A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan

Lobby at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.
The lobby of A+ Boutique Hotel is very nicely renovated as you can see in the photo above. There is this vintage Volkswagen van’s front part for you to shoot photo with. Yes, you can stand behind the van and imagine you are driving the Volkswagen.

Mini vintage Volkswagen at the hotel.
A mini vintage Volkswagen van spotted on the big Volkswagen van.

Wall decoration at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.
Some of the wall paintings and quotes at A+ Boutique Hotel.

Beverages at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.
A+ Boutique Hotel provides free drinking water, coffee, tea and chocolate beverages at their lobby. There is also a microwave here.

A+ Boutique Hotel’s Standard Double Room

Queen-sized bed room at A+ Boutique Hotel.
Our room which is a standard double comes with a queen-sized bed. The room is very clean. Same for the pillow, bed sheet and blanket. Even though the room does not have window, it is not stuffy nor smelly. However it is not recommend for someone with claustrophobia.

Television in the hotel room.
The room also comes with a LCD television that comes with Astro. We don’t really spend time watching TV here but from what I read on the Internet, there are five Astro channels provided.

Bathroom at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.
The bathroom is also very clean and the shower is very strong. We enjoyed our bath after a long day out exploring Sekinchan. Clean towels and shampoo is provided as well.

The rooftop garden and 3D mural art at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.

Roof top garden at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.
The garden on the rooftop of A+ Boutique Hotel. There is a lift in this hotel to up to the roof top as well, even though it is only 3 floors.

Garden at the hotel.
Another corner of the rooftop garden with lots of flowers.

Panorama view of roof top garden at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.
A panorama view of from the rooftop garden of A+ Boutique Hotel. You can view the Sekinchan town from here.

Wall painting at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.
One of the 3D mural painting which is a bridge. Could this be the lover bridge at Tanjung Sepat?

POS Malaysia drawing with bicycle at the hotel.
Another 3D mural drawing which is the Pos Malaysia’s bicycle.

Roof top garden at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.
We loved this garden so much so we came up here again in the nighttime. Since there are not many activities at night in Sekinchan, this spot is a nice place to chit chat and eat some night snacks with friends or family

Army motorbike at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.
A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan also have some unique motorbikes such as this army motorbike.

Army motorbike at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.
Another view of the army motorbike. I think they are for rental. Didn’t ask since none of us know how to drive a motorbike.

Hello Kitty motorbike at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.
Hello Kitty motorbike is also available here at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.

Hello Kitty motorbike at A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan.
From the side of the Hello Kitty motorbike, there is a big Hello Kitty face.

Shell Petrol Station at the hotel.
On the ground floor of A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan, there is another wall mural painting of a SHELL petrol station.

A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan
This hotel is converted from a row of shop houses. There are ample of parking spaces here and within 15 minutes drive to all the popular tourists places in Sekinchan. A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan is definitely one of our choices of hotel if we plan to visit Sekinchan again in the future.

A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aplusboutiquehotel/

No 10, PT1817, Jalan Perdana 22,
Sekinchan Perdana, Pekan Sekinchan,
45400 Sekinchan,Selangor Darul Ehasan, Malaysia

Telephone Contact Number: 03-32415555/7777
Fax Number: 03-3241 6666
Email address: aplushotel55@gmail.com

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