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Sekinchan 2 days 1 night Trip Blog Summary

Sekinchan is one of the best town for a short trip in Malaysia. This post is the summary of our Sekinchan trip. Sekinchan is a nice small town in Sabak Bernam, Selangor with its vast paddy fields and fishing village. We stayed here for 2 days and 1 night. 2 days and 1 night is enough as there are not many activities you can do here. Reads on to find out what we did and ate in Sekinchan or use this link to view all my Sekinchan’s blog posts.

Sekinchan is a nice town for a short trip.

Eat seafood at Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant (旺盛海鲜酒家)

Salted baked crab at Restaurant Wan Lau.
On the first night of our trip in this town, we had seafood dinner at Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant (旺盛海鲜酒家). Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant (旺盛海鲜酒家) is highly recommended if you love seafood as it is fresh at reasonable price. Click on the crab photo above to read more about this Chinese seafood restaurant which also serves clams, oyster and prawns.

Breakfast at Restaurant Riri Fatt

Restaurant Riri Fatt.
On the second day, we ate our breakfast at Restaurant Riri Fatt before visiting the tourists’ attractions. Restaurant Riri Fatt is a shop with many Chinese hawkers’ stall inside. It is quite hard to find a breakfast place in Sekinchan. Click on the photo above to read more about this breakfast place in Sekinchan.

Fun learning time at Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery

Visit to Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery at Sekinchan
Our first activity in Sekinchan is visiting the Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery. At this place, you can learn a lot about paddy and also the history of this town. Besides that, you can also buy rice, local snacks and souvenirs at their grocery market.

Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家

Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家
After learning about paddy, we went to visit Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家 which is located on the same street as Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery. Ah Ma House is a bakery shop which has many vintage and classic stuff which is a good spot for photography. After taking photo, visitors can purchase local snacks such as kuih kapit (love letters / egg waffle). Want to know more? Click on the photo of making of kuih kapit (love letters / egg waffle) above to find out more about this bakery shop.

Relaxing at Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩)

Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩) at Sekinchan, Malaysia
The next place that we went to in Sekinchan is the Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩) . This is a must visit place for the big old wishing tree and activities on the beach. You can also visit the Chinese temple here for praying. However the beach is not suitable for swimming. So, no need to bring your swimsuit. I recommend to come here during late evening when it is not so hot. Click on the photo above to find out more!

Staying at A+ Boutique Hotel

A+ Boutique Hotel
A+ Boutique Hotel is where we stayed during our short trip. This hotel is very nice and it has its own roof top garden for us to chill at night. At Sekinchan, there is not much activities in the night. You can make a cup of coffee, tea or Milo from the beverage machine in the hotel lobby and enjoy the night on the rooftop. In this hotel, there are 3D drawing on the wall for photo shooting and a mini playground for kids. Click on the photo above to find out more about this hotel.

Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor at Kampung Assam Jawa

Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor at Kampung Assam Jawa
On the way back from Sekinchan trip to Petaling Jaya, we stopped by at Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor at Kampung Assam Jawa. The delicious cendol here has roasted/burnt taste to it as the gula Melaka is roasted. The cendol here are quite popular and the queue here can be long. In my opinion, it is worth the time for this bowl of awesome Malaysian dessert. Click on the cendol photo above to read more.

Visit to Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor

Visit to Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor
Since the day is still early, we also visited Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor. Here, you can walk around the hilltop park or visit the Kuala Selangor Historical Museum. At Bukit Malawati, you can play and shoot photo with the friendly monkeys here. The monkeys here love banana or kangkung. You do not need to bring your own banana or kangkung as there are many seller selling them here. Click on the monkey photo above to find out more about Bukit Malawati.

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