The Happy 8 Cafe (哈比咖啡馆) at Old Town, Ipoh, Perak

The Happy 8 Cafe (哈比咖啡馆) at Old Town, Ipoh, Perak

Happy 8 Cafe (哈比咖啡馆) is our Ipoh Trip’s yam cha place after our dinner at Restoran Wah Xing. This cafe is actually operating in Happy 8 Retreat Boutique Hotel. We did try to book this hotel for our Ipoh Trip but the rooms are fully booked. Perhaps, next time if we are visiting Ipoh again since Ipoh has many nice places and yummy food for anyone to visit over and over again.

Anyway, we managed to come here to experience the Happy 8 Cafe ourselves. This cafe is very uniquely designed with a lot of nature’s elements such as plants, woods and water. I feel very relaxed the moment I step into this cafe. Reads on to find out more.

Happy 8 Cafe is designed with natures in mind

Happy 8 Cafe's Avocado Fruity Blend
Since we already have our fulfilling dinner, I ordered a glass of Avocado Fruity Blend only at Happy 8 Cafe. Avocado is always my favorite choice of fruit juice. This glass of Avocado Fruity Blend is RM 12. You can choose to add milk or yogurt for RM 3 or honey for RM 1. Mint and ginger extract also can but I’m not too sure about the taste later.

The Happy 8 Cafe's Hot Rich Chocolate
Laupoh with her cup of Hot Rich Chocolate. I took a sip, it is really rich in chocolate. The chocolate art is also very nice.

The Happy 8 Cafe's Hot Rich Chocolate
Shot another photo of the Happy 8 Cafe’s Hot Rich Chocolate. Most of the stuff here are made from wood such as this table and the table’s number.

Royal Mandarin cake, Oreo Cheese Cake and other sweet desserts at the cafe
Some of the sweet looking desserts at the cafe, Royal Mandarin cake and Oreo Cheese Cake. We didn’t try any since we are still full. Even the trays for the cake here are also wooden.

Nice wall and ceiling at The Happy 8 Cafe, Old Town, Ipoh
Very nice wall and ceiling at the cafe. Nice spot for photography and Instagramming. The air-con and steel part are painted in dark to match the design.

Wall painting at The Happy 8 Cafe, Old Town Ipoh
A lovely drawing of tree and birds on the wall. Make us feel like having a drink in the jungle.

Wall are fully painted with drawing
The wall in the cafe is full of drawing and a lot of wooden materials are used in the decoration and furniture. A very calming place indeed.

Nice wall and ceiling
Another side of the wall in Happy 8 Cafe. Häagen-Dazs ice-cream is also available here.

Wall decoration with pots
Pieces of woods on the wall are used to display some classic pots and cups.

Wall decoration with this stair at The Happy 8 Cafe, Old Town Ipoh
Very beautiful 3D decoration on the wall which is a wooden stair. The small wooden blocks hanging from the ceiling represent the tree leaves, I think.

Lobby of The Happy 8 Cafe, Old Town Ipoh
The nice lobby of the Happy 8 Retreat. I guess their room are very nice too, by looking at the lobby.

Many plants and decoration in front of The Happy 8 Cafe, Old Town Ipoh
The entrance view from the outside. Covered by many plants and trees. Feels like a nature resort in the jungle.

Calming resort feeling at The Happy 8 Cafe, Old Town Ipoh
A cozy place for you to wash hand or face in the cafe.

Menu of Happy 8 Cafe

Happy 8 Cafe's beverages menu
The Happy 8 Cafe beverages menu. Coffee, tea and fruity blend. Specialty Coffees are also available here if you are into coffees. For the fruity blend, you can choose to add mint, fresh ginger extract, honey, milk or yogurt. Alcoholic drinks are also available such as beers and wines.

Happy 8 Cafe's food menu
The Happy 8 Cafe main courses menu, mostly are western food. Price ranges from RM 18 – RM 40. Vegetarian menu is also available.

If you are cafe hopping in Ipoh, or looking for a place to spend the night in a nice cozy place before hitting the bed, Happy 8 cafe is definitely a good choice.


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Happy 8 Cafe (哈比咖啡馆) Cafe Ipoh

There are four outlets of Happy 8 Cafe, the one we went to is the at Ipoh Old Town.

Happy 8 Cafe Old Town (the one we went to)
No 46, Market Street,
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.


Happy 8 Cafe Pasir Puteh
No 8, Jalan Shah Bandar, Taman Happy,
31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.


Happy 8 Cafe Kuala Sepetang
No LC151A3, Tepi Sungai, Kuala Sepetang,
34650 Kuala Sepetang, Perak, Malaysia.


Happy 8 Cafe White House / Kampung House
54, Jalan Haji Mohd Noordin, Kampung Melayu
Sungai Rapat, 31350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

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