Cow at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Dinner at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Marché Mövenpick is a popular worldwide franchise restaurant with Swiss roots. It has restaurants in many countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Austria and Croatia. The one in Pavilion Mall KL is based on European market style whereby customers can customize their food and the food is prepared on the spot to ensure the freshness.

Previously Marché Mövenpick was operating at The Curve Shopping Centre Malaysia and it was closed down. But, now Marché Mövenpick has reopen at Pavilion Mall Kuala Lumpur by Thong Guan Industries Bhd. We decided to try this restaurant for our wedding anniversary dinner. How is our experience here? Reads on to find out more from this personal review.

What we had at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The food record card at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
When one walk into Marché Mövenpick, the waitress will give this card. Use this card to order food and they will scan it as a record of what you have ordered. Take care of this card like your baby, because if you lose this card, the penalty is RM 250. If you really lose it, I guess you have to eat up to RM 250 so that the penalty is worth the price.

Marché Mövenpick Pavilion's buzzer
When you order food at Marché Mövenpick that need some cooking or preparation time, they will give you this buzzer, just like the one at Caffe Bene. This device will buzz, vibrates and lights up when your food is ready for collection.

It is an improvement from previous Marché Mövenpick which you have to queue up when waiting for the food. Of course, you can also choose to wait and watch the chefs preparing your food.

The card to record your food and drinks at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion. The buzzer to tell you if the food is ready.
Two of the most important items at Marché Mövenpick. The food record card and the food buzzer.

Marché Mövenpick Pavilion's Grilled Chicken Breast
To start our dinner, I ordered Marché Mövenpick Grilled Chicken Breast to share with laupoh. The price for this Grilled Chicken Breast is RM 12.90. The chicken breast is grilled perfectly, not too dry and not too soft. The portion is small though but it is a good enough if you wish to try other food as well.

Marché Mövenpick Pavilion's Grilled Chicken Breast
Another photo of the Grilled Chicken Breast from the top. The side are fresh vegetables and the sauce is BBQ sauce. There are many types of sauces available for you to choose from.

Seafood pasta at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Next, we ordered the Seafood Pasta at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion for RM 29.90. The portion is just nice for us to share since we had the Grilled Chicken Breast. The seafood ingredients (prawns, mussels and squids) are fresh and the pasta tasted perfect with some herbs and garlic.

Seafood pasta at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Another photo of the beautiful seafood pasta from the top. The food presentation is nice too at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion.

Colorful grilled vegetables and mushroom.
The third item we ordered here is this bowl of grilled vegetables and mushrooms. Form RM 10.90, you can pick any vegetables or mushroom and fill in the bowl as full as you can. Remember to plan well to maximize the space of the bowl.

Colorful grilled vegetables and mushroom.
Another side of the grilled vegetables and mushroom showing the colorful capsicum.

A glass of homemade lemonade at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
For the drink, we ordered this glass of lemonade. Quite sour for me but I guess it is good for washing away the fats and oils from the food we ate.

What are the types of food at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion Kuala Lumpur?

The grill food section of Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
There are many types of food at Marché Mövenpick. This section is where we ordered our Grilled Chicken Breast. Click here for bigger version to view the food menu of other western food such as grilled lamb and beef sausages.

Fresh fishes for grilling and frying at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Fresh seafood for grilling and frying such as tiger prawns, salmons, calamari and other types of fishes.

Western food preparation section.
The chefs grilling western food at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion.

Grilling sausages at Marché Mövenpick.
Saw this grilling sausage in progress at the western food section. Looks yummy, isn’t it?

The chef of Italian food at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
For this section, it is offering Italian dishes. We ordered our Seafood Pasta here. The pasta they used is homemade type.

Food ingredients for pasta.
All the food ingredients for pasta such as tomatoes, carrots, capsicum and green lettuces.

The pizza chef and his kitchen.
We sat near to this Italian food section, so we get to watch this leng zhai Italian Chef preparing pizzas. He is currently waiting for the pizza to be cooked in the big oven.

The Italian chef slicing the pizza.
The pizza is ready and the chef proceed to slice them. We didn’t order the pizza since there are only two of us. Perhaps next time we can try the pizza when we come with a larger group.

Food ingredient and Tabasco for the pizza.
A closer look at the pizza section, those are the food ingredients for the pizza such as smoked duck, roasted chicken, chili prawn and also Tabasco sauce.

All types of pizza at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
All types of pizza available at Marché Mövenpick such as Smoked Duck Pizza, Prawn Pizza, Roasted Chicken Pizza and others.

Soup and bread at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Italian soup such as mushroom soup and garlic bread are also available at the Italian section of Marché Mövenpick.

Different kinds of bread
If you are a bread person, here are all types of bread for you at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion, such as Mini Focaccia and Bruschetta.

Bruschetta at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Bruschetta at here has so much toppings with so much cheese.

Focaccia section in the restaurant.
Focacia, I have never tried this in my life before.

Vegetables section in Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
The grilled vegetables and mushrooms sections. There is one size of bowl and one size of plate with a fixed price for you to fill in as much as you can onto them.

Grilled mushrooms at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
A photo of the grilled button mushrooms from this section.

Swiss Rösti section at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Swiss Rösti is one of the popular food at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion from what I read from other bloggers. I guess it is delicious and cannot be found easily at other restaurants. Honestly this is the first time I heard about Swiss Rösti. Swiss Rösti consists mainly of potatoes and was originally a farmers’ breakfast dish in the Canton of Bern. Now it is eaten around the world.

Swiss Rösti preparation at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
A photo showing how the Swiss Rösti is prepared. The alternative name for Swiss Rösti is Potato Pancakes.

Swiss Rösti food menu at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
You can choose plain Swiss Rösti or add all types of toppings such as Cheddar Cheese, fried egg, beef sausages and smoked salmon. Click here to view a larger photo of the Swiss Rösti’s food menu.

Savoury Crepes section in Marché Mövenpick
Savory Crepes are also available at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion such as Mushroom Crepe, Chicken Sausage Crepe and Roasted Chicken Crepe. Click here to view the larger photo to see the food menu at the top of this section.

Chef preparing savoury crepe
A chef is preparing a crepe’s base.

Crepe preparing at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Some toppings for the crepe, looks like roasted chicken.

Crepes menu at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Another menu of the crepe at Marché Mövenpick, with the price starting from RM 7.90.

Salad at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
The salad section at Marché Mövenpick. Caesar Salad is available for RM 10.90 and you can choose to add toppings such as roasted chicken, smoked salmon or boiled egg.

Salad at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
The salad section is also using the same concept as the grilled vegetables section. Choose a size and fill up all you can onto the bowl or plate.

Marché Mövenpick Pavilion’s Desserts and Drinks

Some cherry dessert.
Let’s explore the desserts and drinks at available here at Marché Mövenpick. This is some type of cherry dessert which I do not know its name. Can anyone enlighten me?

Cenzer Forte at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Cenzer Forte, looks like pancake with big strawberry on each slice.

Different types of ice cream at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
All the ice creams flavours available here at Marché Mövenpick. Plain Yogurt and Wild Berry Sorbet look interesting.

Chocolate fountain in Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Chocolate fountain is also available here. But only can choose strawberry or marshmallow to dip into the chocolate fountain.

Coffee and more at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Coffee and more such as tea and hot chocolate at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion. You can also order crepe and waffle here.

Fruit juices at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Fruit juice at Marché Mövenpick such as the homemade lemonade which we ordered and ice lemon tea.

The interior of Marché Mövenpick

The wall with kitchen utensils at Marché Mövenpick
The interior of Marché Mövenpick at Pavilion Mall is much nicer than the one at The Curve Shopping Centre in my opinion. I love this brick wall with kitchen utensils.

The wall with kitchen utensils at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Take another photo of this beautiful brick wall at Marché Mövenpick.

Nice wooden dining table and chairs
A closer view of the wooden dining tables and chairs at Marché Mövenpick. Each part of this restaurant is using different type of dining furniture.

Many seating in Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
There are a lot of tables in the restaurant. I wonder how many customers Marché Mövenpick Pavilion can fit.

Big shelf in Marché Mövenpick Pavilion filled with pots, fruits in jars and plants
Another area of the Marché Mövenpick which I love is this shelf of pots, fruits in jars and plants.

Big shelf in Marché Mövenpick Pavilion filled with pots, fruits in jars and plants
Another photo of the shelf to show how big it is.

Colorful wooden walls in Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Spotted this colorful wooden wall at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion.

A decorated corner in Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
A corner in Marché Mövenpick decorated with classic and vintage stuff such as this classic bicycle. I guess this spot is nice for photography.

A cozy seating corner in Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Another dining table in the restaurant next to this photo frames shelf.

Kids' corner at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Kids’ corner in Marché Mövenpick for your kids to play if they are not interested in food.

Souvenirs items for sale at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Some souvenir items for sale such as the Swiss Victorinox Knife and Swiss Cow.

The iconic cow at Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
The Swiss cow of Marché Mövenpick for sale as souvenier. Do you think the ear looks like orange peel?

The cow the mascot of Marché Mövenpick
The big cow at the entrance of Marché Mövenpick, welcoming customers to the restaurant. Overall, I love Marché Mövenpick at Pavilion Mall, Kuala Lumpur. The food is nice and the staffs are friendly. The nice and spacious interior is a plus as well. They have big tables here so it is suitable for Christmas dinner or other gathering here.

Marché Mövenpick Pavilion



Lot 1.29.01 & 1.29.02
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone Number: +603 2110 1863

Email address:

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