kellie's Castle at Batu Gajah Perak

Kellie’s Castle at Batu Gajah, Perak

Kellie’s Castle at Batu Gajah, Perak is our last destination during our 2 days 1 night Ipoh Trip. We drove to here after our heavy breakfast at Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant (富山茶楼). Kellie’s Castle is very near to Ipoh and always a popular itinerary item for Ipoh trip. William Kellie Smith is the one who built this castle. He loves Hindu and India elements, so you can see many related elements in the castle. But, why did he build this castle?

William Kellie Smith is a Scottish planter from a town in Scotland. As a symbol of love, he built this castle for his beloved wife. However, Kellie’s Castle is never completed due to many tragedies such as the Spanish Flu and World War I. Smith was later passed away due to pneumonia. Today, the castle is believed to be haunted. Some believe it is because many workers have died during the construction of the castle. Some have seen the spirit of William and his family member in the castle. You can read more about this amazing castle here. So, did we meet any spirit during our visit? Reads on to find out more of this amazing historical place in Perak.

Kellie’s Castle is a beautiful castle in Malaysia

Kellie's Castle at Batu Gajah, Ipoh
The beautiful Kellie Castle, viewed from across the river. Thanks God the weather is so nice on the day we visited this castle. Perfect for photography indeed. But, it can get very hot walking around. By the way, can you see how small the humans are compared to the castle?

The signboard at Kellie's Castle. Get your ticket first before entering.
This girl showing the direction to the ticket counter. Remember to get your ticket before entering the castle.

Queuing for the tickets at Kellie's Castle.
So many people queuing to buy ticket to enter the historical castle. Please visit the washroom here after getting your ticket if needed, because I don’t see any washroom in the castle.

White bridge at Kellie's Castle, Ipoh
After buying ticket, walk across this white bridge to get to Kellie’s Castle, Rise of Wonders.

Laupoh posing with Kellie's Castle
Laupoh posing with Kellie’s Castle before crossing the bridge.

Me posing with Kellie's Castle
My turn to pose with Kellie’s Castle.

Kellie's Castle at Batuh Gajah, Ipoh
A closer view of the majestic castle in Perak. As you can see from where, some part of the castle is in white painting. I wonder if the whole castle supposed to be in white?

One of the castle's tower
One of the tower of Kellie’s Castle. From this side it seems like there are four floors.

Signboard at Kellie's Castle
Signboard at the castle in case anyone got lost. Not really sure what is Kellas House.

Kellie's Castle, Shrouded in Mystery
Some write up of the mystery of Kellie’s Castle. Click here to view a larger version to read in details.

Kellie’s Castle is an interesting historical place in Perak, Malaysia

Kellie's Castle for sale
Kellie’s Castle was put up for sale after William has passed away, by Agnes his wife. Click here to read more of the auction and sale.

A living room in Kellie's Castle
A fully furnished living room in Kellie’s Castle, bringing visitors back to the era of William Kellie Smith. Visitors are not allowed to enter the living room, I guess everything inside are antiques.

Antique gramophone at Kellie's Castle
Spotted this antique gramophone in the living room. I wonder if it is still working.

A view from the Kellie's Castle
A view of the river and the bridge in front of the castle. I think this tourist and historical place is quite well-maintained.

A window in Kellie's Castle
A window in the castle with the curtain still intact.

Some history of Kellie's Castle
More history of this castle. Do you notice the photo in the photo above has this 3D look? Click here to view a bigger photo.

Some history of Kellie's Castle
More history lesson of Kellie’s Castle. Click here to view bigger photo if you love history.

The ruins of Kellie's Castle
The ruins area of the castle. Not sure if this area is not completed or it was destroyed by the war.

The balcony at Kellie's Castle at Batuh Gajah, Ipoh
So many visitors on the day we visited Kellie’s Castle.

Kellie's Castle's balcony ceiling
A photo of the beautiful architecture of this castle.

The ghost story at haunted Kellie's Castle.
The story of the haunted castle. His spirit is said to roam at night. I will make sure we leave Kellie’s Castle before dark.

Spotted a wedding photo shooting in progress at Kellie's Castle at Batuh Gajah, Ipoh
Saw a wedding photo shooting in progress. I read that you need to pay extra if shoot wedding photo here. But, I’m not sure if I want to shoot our wedding photo here. Sounds a bit spooky.

Another framing of the wedding photo shooting at Kellie's Castle
Trying a different rotation of the photo. I think the couple hold that position for quite a while. Maybe they need to wait for the corridor to be cleared of humans.

Twin window at Kellie's Castle
A twin window at the castle.

The mystery of the Spiral Staircase at Kellie's Castle
The mystery of the spiral staircase. Is it for a secret room? Or is it for a photo darkroom? It is still unknown until today.

A corner of the castle
Another side of the castle, showing the wooden door and window.

The mystery of the Haunted Balcony.
The story of the ghostly balcony. Read if dare.

A window in the castle
A single window in the castle. Most of the windows and doors here have this design.

Write-up about a guest room in Kellie's Castle, Ipoh, Perak
A write up about the guest room in Kellie’s Castle. According to this write up, there are secret staircase from the bathroom leading out to the castle grounds. William seemed to be very concerned about the safety of his family and guests.

A twin window in the castle, or just a decoration?
Not sure if these two are real windows or just for decoration.

A nice view from the castle
Such a wonderful view of nature from the castle. Can you imagine waking up to this view every morning?

The stair up to the upper floor of Kellie's Castle
The stairs to upper floor of Kellie’s Castle

Ventilation holes
Some holes on the wall for the ventilation in the castle, I guess.

In the tower of the Kellie's Castle
Inside the tower of Kellie’s Castle.

The door to another room with the door to another room
A door in the castle that leads to another door and another door.

The stair up to the next floor in Kellie's Castle
The stairway to heaven at Kellie’s Castle

The stair down to the underground at Kellie's Castle
The stairway to the underground. In 1993, an underground secret tunnel built from Kellie’s Castle to a Hindu temple nearby is discovered. Click here to read the news. Besides the tunnel, there is also a wine cellar. However, they are closed for visitors due to safety reason.

Triple window in the Kellie's Castle
A triple window in Kellie’s Castle.

visitors enjoying the view on top of Kellie's Castle
Visitors admiring the beauty of this castle built from year 1915. Yes, this is the roof top of the castle. We didn’t hang here for too long as the weather is very hot.

The lift shaft in Kellie's Castle
Amazingly, this castle is planned to have its own lift and this is the lift’s shaft. Unfortunately, the lift construction is never completed. If not, we can take the lift to visit all the floors in Kellie’s Castle.

The story about the lift shaft in Kellie's Castle Ipoh
A write up of the lift shaft. If completed, this would have been the first elevator in Malaya.

Kellie's Castle and the nice weather
A nice castle and nice weather make a nice photo.

The triple window in Kellie's Castle
Spotted another triple window in the castle.

A view of the outside world from Kellie's Castle
A view of outside world from Kellie’s Castle. Standing here and looking outside make me feel like a princess trapped in the castle’s tower.

Write up about the castle's master bedroom
A write up about castle’s master bedroom. It is said here that all the rooms have natural ventilation to cope with the heat and humidity of our country, Malaysia. No wonder I don’t feel hot when I was inside the castle, even though the sun is shining brightly outside.

The stairs to the ground floor in the Kellie's Castle
The stairs to the ground floor of the castle.

This part of corridor in Kellie's Castle is painted in white
In this corridor of the castle, it is painted in white. I wonder if this is the original color of Kellie’s Castle?

The ruins or the incomplete part of Kellie's Castle?
Another view of the incomplete / destroyed part of Kellie’s Castle. I think if this part is completed / intact, Kellie’s Castle will be even more awesome. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Do visit this unique attraction of Perak, Malaysia if you have the change. I don’t think there are any other place like this in Malaysia.


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Kellie’s Castle
31000, Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia
(Just Waze for it)
Visiting Hours: 9am – 6:45pm
Phone Number: 05-3653381

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