Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家 at Petaling Jaya

Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家 at Petaling Jaya

Hometown Steamboat 好家乡火锅世家 is a steamboat chain restaurant with many branches in Malaysia. The closest one to our home was at Kota Damansara. Recently we noticed a new branch of Hometown Steamboat 好家乡火锅世家 in SS2. We are so happy because this branch is so near to our home. Now, we can eat steamboat anytime without driving too far. How is our experience at this new branch of Hometown Steamboat? Reads on to find out more.

Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家 is our favourite steamboat restaurant for its tasty soup and fresh ingredients

Hometown Steamboat 好家乡火锅世家's Classic Seafood Set for 2 Pax
Since there are only 2 of us during the dinner, we ordered this Hometown Steamboat 好家乡火锅世家’s Classic Seafood Set for 2 person. This set meal is RM 46.20. Another set meal is the Piggy Set which is suitable for 3 – 4 person at RM 54.90.

Hometown Steamboat 好家乡火锅世家's Classic Seafood Set for 2 Pax
Another photo of the Classic Seafood Set for 2 person from the top to reveal most of the ingredients. The main one are the prawns, fresh fish slices, signature dumplings, fuchuk, fish balls, corn, taufu pok, white tofu and crab sticks.

Hometown Steamboat 好家乡火锅世家's Classic Seafood Set for 2 Pax
Another side of the Classic Seafood Set for 2 person. I think the price is worth it with the prawn and other fresh ingredients.

Dumpling from the Classic Seafood Set
This is the dumpling. Very yummy and very generous of filling.

Yee Mee, Mihun and chicken egg at Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家
Three must have items for the steamboat, the chicken eggs, mee hoon and yee mee. Yee Mee is wrapped nicely in plastic bag, which I guess many customers will dabao it back if cannot finish the noodle.

Fresh green Yao Mak (Romaine Lettuce) for the steamboat
Extra order for the night, fresh and crunchy yao mak.

The bowl and the chili sauce for the steamboat
Both the bowl and the sauce plate carry the name of Home Town Steamboat.

Heating up the steamboat pot at Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家
Electronic cooker is used here for the steamboat.

The bowl, the chili sauce and the pot for steamboat
Shooting the bowl and the sauce plate while waiting for the soup to boil.

Boiling the soup for the steamboat
The soup is boiled now. This electronic cooker boils the soup pretty fast. Ready to throw the steamboat ingredients in.

Starting steamboating
Laupoh starting to drop the ingredients into the steamboat’s pot.

Close the lid for it to cook faster
Close the pot lid for the ingredients to cook faster, but need to watch it in case the soup start to spill out.

Starting to steamboat the food ingredients
The steamboat is now ready to be consumed.

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The main ingredients for the set, the prawns and the fresh meat slices. The fish slices is very delicious. If you order the Piggy Set, I would highly recommend to add on the fish slices.

Taking the soup from the steamboat
Let’s try the soup first to warm up the stomach before eating. We ordered the Chicken Broth which is clear soup but very tasty. I think they used a lot of anchovies in the making of the soup base.

Taking the prawn out from the steamboat
Take the prawn out from the boiling soup first to avoid prawn overcooking.

Tofu, prawns, fish and crab sticks
Cooked tofu, prawns, fish and crab sticks.

Tafu, squid, fish noodle, crab stick and other ingredients for the steamboat
Other ingredients such as fish noodle, fu chuk, crab sticks and tofu from the steamboat.

Prawn, fishball and pork ball
The yummy prawn among other ingredients.

Corn from the steamboat
The sweet corn for the steamboat.

Two chicken eggs for the Classic Seafood Set
Two chicken eggs for the set. We always eat the egg last with the noodle.

Two types of chili sauces for the steamboat
Two types of chili sauces provided at Hometown Steamboat SS2. Personally I prefer the green coloured one as it is more fragrant.

Interior of Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家

Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家's interior
Interior of Hometown Steamboat. The bigger tables are using gas stove instead of electronic cooker. Walls are nicely decorated with red brick wallpaper and photos of the steamboats to make you drooling while waiting for your food to arrive.

Interior of Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家
Another view of the corner in the Hometown Steamboat, showing directions to their branches in Malaysia. How accurate is the direction? I’m not really sure.

Outside of Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家
Outside of the Hometown Steamboat SS2, which is actually situated above this Old Town White Coffee. Quiet rare to see a steamboat restaurant on the first level of the shop. Normally they are at the ground floor or in the shopping mall.

Food menu of Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家

Food menu of Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家
The menu and the order sheet of Hometown Steamboat. There are many types of soup bases to choose from. So far we only tried the Chicken Broth (clear soup) and liked it so much. It is tasty even before we cook anything in it. There are only two types of set meals and many other food ingredients for you to add on such as meat slices, homemade balls, dumplings and other snacks suitable for steamboat.

Food menu of Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家
The second page of the menu of Hometown Steamboat shows the fresh vegetables and mushrooms selections. Also available are the seafood, noodle and rice. On the right side of the food menu are the premium fried food, desserts, drink, smoothie and other types of beverages.

Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家's Hong Kong Style Pork Bone Broth
Hometown Steamboat also has this special Hong Kong Style Pork Bone Broth. How is it compared to the one at Coco Steamboat ? I will update this post again if I have the chance to try it. Below of the photo are the branches of Hometown Steamboat in Malaysia and the contact numbers. They even have branches in Seremban 2 and Cameron Highlands. Other places of Hometown Steamboat branches are Setapak, Menjalara, Subang SS14, C180 Balakong, Kota Damansara, Puchong and Seri Petaling.

Overall, this hometown Steamboat is clean and comfortable. The food ingredients are fresh and yummy. The soup base is very tasty even though it is just clear soup. The staffs here are very polite and friendly as well. The interior is not bad as well for a Steamboat restaurant. Definitely one of our most favourite Steamboat places.

Hometown Steamboat SS2 好家乡火锅世家

61-9A (1st Floor) Jalan SS2/75,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Phone number: 03-7865 7445

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