Dinner at EZ.KON Restaurant at Taichung, Taiwan

Dinner at EZ.KON Restaurant (異人館咖啡部屋) at Taichung, Taiwan

EZ.KON Restaurant (異人館咖啡部屋) at Taichung is where we had our first dinner in Taiwan during our Taiwan trip. It is recommended by laupoh’s uncle who is staying in Taiwan. The popular items here are the steamboat or also known as hot pot. There are also many other types of food here such as hot bowl rice and ramen. Since the weather at Taiwan was very cold, I chose to eat hot pot. How is the steamboat set? Reads on to find out more:

Steamboat / Hot Pot at EZ.KON Restaurant (異人館咖啡部屋)

Steamboats at EZ.KON Restaurant at Taichung, Taiwan. Everyone has their own pot.
Overview of our dinner at EZ.KON Restaurant at Taichung, Taiwan. Most of us ordered the steamboat set.

My pot of steamboat set at EZ.KON Restaurant at Taichung, Taiwan
My hot pot set at EZ.KON Restaurant which is the Osaka Sukiyaki Hot Pot with Pork. You can choose beef slices as well for the steamboat set. The price for this hot pot set is NT$ 350 at that time.

Ingredients for the steamboat. Pork slices, mushrooms and carrots
A closer look on the ingredients that come with my hot pot set. As seen in the photo are the pork slices, carrot, mushroom and fuchuk.

Fresh thin cut pork slices for the steamboat
Look at those fresh cut slices of pork. I think those are premium pork since they are so yummy.

Corn and fuchuk for the steamboat. Pork slices in the background.
Fuchuk and corn for the steamboat set at EZ.KON Restaurant. Boil the corn in the soup to make the soup sweeter.

More ingredients such as fish slice, yam, enoki mushroom and cucumber
Laupoh’s Fish Hot Pot set for NT$ 420. The set has generous amount of fish meat.

Medium sized prawn for the steamboat at EZ.KON Restaurant
The medium sized prawn that comes with the steamboat set at EZ.KON Restaurant.

Fresh made fish paste for the steamboat
The fresh homemade fish paste that comes with laupoh’s steamboat set at EZ.KON Restaurant.

Kampung chicken egg, as always with a steamboat set
Just like steamboat in Malaysia, the steamboat here also provide chicken egg. I think this is kampung egg by looking at the size and colour.

Yam side dish for the steamboat
This yummy bowl of side dish comes with the steamboat set. I think it is yam with some toppings.

A bowl of fragrant white rice
The fragrant bowl of white rice to eat with the hot pot at EZ.KON Restaurant.

Steamboat pot with gas stove
The pot for the steamboat, with the personal gas stove.

EZ.KON Restaurant’s Food & Beverages Menu

EZ.KON Restaurant's Chinese Famous Cuisine and Hot Pot
The main dishes of this restaurant. There are Chinese famous cuisine such as Sweet and Sour Pork and Stewed Beef with Red Wine. We ordered hot pot from this page of menu as well. There are many choices of hot pot such as Seafood Hot Pot, Kimchi Hot Pot and Cheese Hot Pot. Click here to view a larger photo of this menu page.

Rice and noodle dishes such as ramen, stone bowl rice and spaghetti
Besides the Chinese dishes and hot pot, rice and noodle are also available here. There are many varieties such as Ramen, stone bowl rice and spaghetti. Really got so many types of food to choose from in a restaurant.

Kids meal and snacks at EZ.KON Restaurant
If you are a kid or just want to diet, Kids’ Meal is also available here. On the right side of this page are the snacks such as French Fries and Chicken Nuggets. Click here to view a bigger photo of the menu.

EZ.KON Restaurant's Milk Shake, Soda, Smoothie and Coffee menu
For drinks, there are many choices too such as milk shake, soda, smoothie and coffee. Click here to view the menu of those drinks.

Fruit special drink, fruit vinegar, fruit and vegetable juice .nd tea
Fruit and vegetable juices are also available here at EZ.KON Restaurant. Click here to view the larger photo of the menu.

Premium coffee at EZ.KON Restaurant
EZ.KON Restaurant also serves premium coffee. Click here to view the menu.

Desserts and cookies at EZ.KON Restaurant
After main meals, why not eat some desserts or cookies. Click here to view the dessert menu.

More desserts such as pudding, ice cream and brownies
More desserts such as pudding, ice cream and brownies at EZ.KON Restaurant. Click here to view this page of menu.

The nice ceiling in EZ.KON Restaurant
Took a photo of the nice ceiling of EZ.KON Restaurant during the dinner. We are all quite satisfied with our hot pot dinner here. The service is very nice as well. Definitely recommended if you are looking for a nice dinner place here in Taichung, Taiwan.

Website: http://www.ezkon.com.tw
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ezkon/

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