Good Bar Steamboat at Taichung, Taiwan

Good Bar Steamboat Restaurant at Taichung, Taiwan

Good Bar Steamboat at Taichung, Taiwan is where we had our first day lunch during Taiwan Trip. We came here after enjoying the amazing Sun Moon Lake (日月潭). Good Bar Steamboat is a steamboat restaurant offering many types of mushrooms in their menu. This is our second steamboat meal in Taiwan. The first one was at EZ.KON Restaurant (異人館咖啡部屋). It is very shiok to eat steamboat since it is cold weather in Taiwan during our visit. Let’s find out what we ate here for lunch.

Good Bar Steamboat has many types of sauces and side dishes

Garlic and special sauce for the Steamboat.
While waiting for our steamboat ingredients to arrive, let’s prepare the sauces first. There are many types of sauces here for dipping such as the special sauce. Garlic is my favourite addon to my food.

Spicy sauce from Good Bar Steamboat at Taichung, Taiwan
Not sure what is the name of this spicy sauce. Didn’t see this in steamboat / shabu shabu restaurant in Malaysia.

Mince Pork in sauce for the rice (肉燥飯)
Mince pork in sauce (肉燥飯) is a popular traditional food in Taiwan. It is also available as a dish here in Good Bar Steamboat.

Minced Pork Sauce with rice (肉燥飯)
Decided to get a bowl of rice to try the Mince pork in sauce (肉燥飯). Kind of hungry after walking around the whole morning.

Types of side dishes for the steamboat
There are many more types of side dishes here such as the black beans and edamame beans. Customers can enjoy the side dishes first while waiting for the steamboat to boil and cook.

One of the side dishes, the black bean
This is the black bean side dish. Pretty yummy and additive but let’s leave some stomach space for the steamboat.

Edamame, another side dish at the steamboat restaurant
We also took some of the edamame, cooked with some types of oil. This is my first time eating edamame with oil since normally eat boiled one in Japanese restaurants.

Garlic, spicy sauce and the minced pork
All the sauces are ready for dipping with the steamboat meal!

Good Bar Steamboat set comes with fresh slices of meat

Slices of fresh pork at Good Bar Steamboat at Taichung, Taiwan
The steamboat we ordered comes with few types of meat such as this plate of fresh pork slices.

Slices of fresh pork at Good Bar Steamboat at Taichung, Taiwan
We also have this plate of Taiwan beef slices. Taiwan’s beef is amazingly delicious. Stay tuned for my posts on our Taiwan Beef Noodle. If you are a beef lover, you must try their beef noodle.

Slices of fresh pork at Good Bar Steamboat at Taichung, Taiwan
Our steamboat set also comes with this plate of chicken slices. All the meats here are very fresh and tender.

Steamboat Set, got mushroom, corn, tau fu, and other vegetables
Finally our steamboat set arrived. From here you can see the steamboat ingredients such as the mushroom, corn, tau fu and other types of vegetables.

Some pork balls, yam and carrot.
Another plate of the steamboat set consists of pork balls, fish paste, yam, carrot and other vegetables.

Overview of our steamboat lunch table.
Overview of our steamboat lunch table.

3 types of sauces and minced pork for the steamboat
Another photo of our choices of sauces for the steamboat at Good Bar steamboat Restaurant.

Our steamy steamboat pot.
The steamboat here is using this kind of pot and electronic stove to cook.

Different types of fat mushrooms
Look at those mushrooms being boiled in the steamboat pot. The mushroom are the attraction here at Good Bar steamboat restaurant.

Logo of the Good Bar steamboat restaurant.
The logo of Good Bar Steamboat restaurant using mushroom as the design.

Some writes up about mushroom from Wikipedia
Spotted some write up about mushroom of Wikipedia near the entrance to this steamboat restaurant.

Casino themed dining table at Good Bar Steamboat Restaurant
This restaurant is casino-themed as you can see here.

Roulette style dining table
There is this roulette style dining table at Good Bar steamboat restaurant for a bigger group.

Mushroom shaped steamboat set menu
The simple steamboat menu at the Good Bar Restaurant.

Good Bar is situated in the castle in Taichung
Good Bar restaurant is actually situated in this big castle building in Taichung, Taiwan.

Local people performing in front of the castle
After our lunch, we enjoyed some local Taiwanese indigenous peoples’ dance in front of the restaurant. Tummy is full now and we moved on to the next destination of our Taiwan Trip. Stay tuned!


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