Zhong She Toursight Flower Market (中社观光花市)

Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市) at Houli, Taichung

Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市) at Houli Township, Taichung city is our next Taiwan destination after experience the past life of Taiwan at Taiwan Times Village (寶島時代村) at Nantou County. Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市) is a very big garden with beautiful landscape of flowers to admire. I’m not really into flowers and I might name some of the flowers inaccurately. Please correct me if you noticed any flower is named wrong by me.

Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市) covers a very big area of six hectares. The landscapes here actually change according to four seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn. So, no matter what time you visit this garden, there are flowers for you to admire. You can refer to the flowers table in their website’s link. According to the website also, there is a unique technique of refrigeration applied in the garden. This technique can regulate the flowering time and allows 150,000 tulip flowers of different types to be grown. The blooming time for the tulip is from January to March every year. Of course, it is not just tulip flowers, let’s see some of the other flowers photos I took at this tourist attractions of Taiwan.

Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市) has amazing landscape of flowers.

Windmill at the flower market.
The first thing we spotted here is this windmill. Not sure if it is a real windmill since there is no strong wind on the day we visited. There are other European style structures here such as this windmill, so it is a nice spot for wedding photography.

Red tulip flowers and the windmill.
Took another photo of the windmill with the beautiful red tulip flowers. There are so many tulips here. First time in my life I see so many flowers in one place.

Tulip field at Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市), Taichung, Taiwan
Closer photos of the red tulip. There are many different colors of tulips here at Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市), but the red one is my favourite.

Beautiful tulips flower at Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市) at Taichung, Taiwan
Another photo of the beautiful blossoming red tulips flower. Besides the red tulip, there are also white and yellow tulips.

Osteospermum, or African daisies at Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市), Taichung, Taiwan.
Those beautiful flowers with white petals are Osteospermum, or African daisies according to Google Image.

Cosmos bipinnatus, commonly called the garden cosmos or Mexican aster
Another type of flower that caught my attention at Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市) is this Mexican Aster or Garden Cosmos. Again, the name is found by using Google Image.

Spotted a bee collecting nectar from the flower.
Saw some bees collecting nectar from the blossoming flowers and decided to do some bees photography.

Moth orchid is the common name for the phalaenopsis orchid
Orchid is also available here at this flower garden.

A poppy is a flowering plant in the subfamily Papaveroideae of the family Papaveraceae
This red flower is named Poppy, if Google Image found me the correct name.

A white grand piano in the sea of flowers for photography.
Another attraction here at Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市) is this white grand piano for photography. There are many other musical instruments as well such as violin, harp and drum set.

Great spot for photos. A white chair with big flowers smiley in the background.
Another photography spot is this white chair with big flowers smilie. The eyes look a bit fierce to me though.

A unique triangle shaped barn covered with flowers and plants.
Spotted this triangle shaped chalet covered with plants and flowers. Not really sure what it is really used for besides photograph. Another nice spot for wedding photography.

Tourists taking photos in the sea of flowers at Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市), Taichung, Taiwan.
Saw this husband taking photos of his wife in the sea of flowers.

Beautiful flowers blossoming everywhere in the garden.
Another beautiful flower which Google Image failed to tell me the name.

White tulip flowers at Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市)
Most of the flowers here have names and explanation such as this white tulip.

Sea of tulips at Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市)
Sea of tulip flowers. Really a lot of flowers, right?

Beds of flowers with Huoyan Mountain 火焰山 in the background.
Beds of flowers with Huoyan Mountain 火焰山 in the background. Not really sure if can visit the mountain.

Sea of blossoming flowers.
More seas of flowers, flowers everywhere you go in the garden. You are surrounded by nothing but flowers.

Wooden statues
Some wooden statues with the Huoyan Mountain 火焰山 behind. Not really sure what are the wooden statues represent. I saw got monkey, dogs and human statues.

The flower market is near the Huoyan Mountain 火焰山
Another photo of Huoyan Mountain 火焰山 at the flower market.

Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市), remember to take a photo here.
The logo made from flowers. Remember to take photo here to proof you have visited Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市) at Houli, Taichung

Spotted this big tractor on the way out
Spotted this tractor on the way out from Chungshe Flower Garden (中社觀光花市). Not sure if it is for decoration only or really used for gardening here.

A steamed corn to fill the stomach before the next travel spot.
Steamed corn is everywhere in Taiwan. Bought another one to fill the hungry tummy while on the way to our next destination.

Is it worth to visit this flower garden for your Taiwan trip? I would say yes if you love flowers. Even if you are not a flower’s lover, it is still worth to visit because the flowers here are really beautiful and well taken care of. The landscape is really big and there are not many places where you can see so many types of flowers in one location.

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Opening Hours
09:00 am – 9:00pm on Saturday – Sunday
09:00 am – 6:00pm on Monday – Friday

Telephone Number

No.469-13, Sanfeng Road,
Houli District.,
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