Jogoya Buffet Restaurant - Baby Lobster and Crab

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur is our favourite buffet place for its great choices and yummy food. We visited Jogoya restaurant a few years back and blogged about our buffet experience in this blog post. This year we visited this all you can eat buffet restaurant again for Chinese New Year celebration. How does the food and service after many years since our last visit? Continue reading to find out.

If you don’t know about Jogoya, it is the largest buffet restaurant in Malaysia according to its website. I believe so, as I have not seen any other buffet restaurant as big as Jogoya. If you have visited one, do leave a comment below. In Jogoya, there are many varieties of food and beverages from many cultures such as Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Western and Indian. Below are just some of the food photos I took in Jogoya Buffet Restaurant.

Sashimi and Seafood Buffet at Jogoya Restaurant Starhill Gallery

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant’s steamed scallop
Normally when we come to eat buffet dinner, we will target the expensive food first such as this scallop. The scallops served here are quite big and fresh. I have eaten five scallops during the dinner at Jogoya.

Jogoya Buffet’s Baby Lobster
After the scallops, I ate the fresh baby lobsters at Jogoya. My previous memorable experience with baby lobsters was during the Christmas buffet dinner at Feast @ Sheraton Petaling Jaya.

Soft-shell crabs at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Besides the baby lobster, we also tried the soft-shell crabs. All of the seafood in Jogoya are served on ice to keep them fresh.

Baby lobster and soft-shell crab from Jogoya Buffet
This photo shows my first serving of baby lobster and soft-shell crab at Jogoya. Both of the seafoods are very fresh and sweet.

Fresh oyster on ice at this buffet restaurant
There are also fresh raw oysters on ice here at Jogoya, but they are not my favourite. Besides, I want to eat New Zealand natural ice cream and Häagen-Dazs premium ice cream later. It is not recommended to eat raw oysters with ice cream because it can increase the chance of food poisoning.

Baby lobster and soft-shell crab from Jogoya Buffet
Both the crab and baby lobster are fresh and the meats are so sweet. I had two servings of baby lobster and moved on to next food here at Jogoya.

Soft-Shell Crab with lemons
I like to squeeze a few drops of lemon juice onto my fresh seafood. Even though the crab looks thin and small but the meat is fresh and sweet.

Baby lobster and sashimi are my favourite at Jogoya buffet restaurant.

Fresh slices of lemon for the seafood and sashimi.
Eat all the lemons you can here at Jogoya. They are for the seafood on ice, but you can also make a glass of lemon juice, I guess.

Jogoya buffet’s fresh salmon sashimi
Sashimi is also my favourite here at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant. My favourite is always the salmon sashimi because the taste is the most balanced among other sashimi. I remember I have the best serving of fresh and thick salmon sashimi at Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant (青木亭放题) at Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara. My next favourite sashimi is the butter fish but they are not served in Jogoya’s buffet dinner.

Jogoya Buffet’s fresh sashimi
I don’t remember what is the fish type of this sashimi, if not mistaken it is white tuna sashimi. This white tuna sashimi is served with fish roes on top.

Choices of fresh sashimi at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
The sashimi on ice at Jogoya buffet restaurant, Starhill Gallery. There are few types of sashimi to choose from such as salmon, tuna and squid.

Fresh prawns on ice at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant
Fresh prawns are also available at Jogoya but I keep my quota for the baby lobsters. Furthermore, this type of prawn is easily available at other buffet restaurants.

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant’s Seafood on ice
This photo shows the Jogoya’s sashimi and seafood on ice’s section. I noticed the sashimi and seafood on ice here at Jogoya are frequently replaced to ensure the freshness of the seafood. Each section of food here are manned by a few chefs who keep preparing food nonstop for customers.

Choices of cooked seafood besides sashimi and seafood on ice.

Spicy Chili Snail from this buffet restaurant in Starhill Gallery
Besides the usual crab, prawn and fish, snails are also available at Jogoya buffet restaurant. The photo here is the spicy snail. I don’t really like my seafood spicy, so I didn’t try this dish.

Steamed Snail at Jogoya Buffet
If you do not like spicy snail, you can choose this steamed snail. Those snail dishes are quite uncommon in hotels and other buffet restaurants’ offering.

Restaurant’s Bamboo Snails
Bamboo snail from the seafood on ice at Jogoya. I don’t really like this because the bamboo snail’s texture is a bit hard to chew. But, if you like something chewy, then you can try this delicacy.

Mussel steamed with garlic at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Those are mussels cooked with garlic. The taste is not bad but not my favourite style of cooking mussels.

Fresh clams at Jogoya Starhill Gallery.
Besides the mussels, Jogoya also serves many types of clams such as this salted clam. This style is my favourite because I can taste the nature taste of the clams.

Crab Seafood Porridge at the buffet restaurant
Seafood porridge is also available from the Chinese section. The porridge has a hint of sweetness from the seafood.

There are many types of fishes to choose from

Jogoya’ Steamed Pomfret Fish from Chinese food section.
If you prefer cooked seafood, the Chinese section has this steamed Pomfret fish. Do you know Pomfret fish can grow up to 1 meter long?

Jogoya’s Steamed Spicy Siakap Fish
Beside the Pomfret fish, we also ordered this steamed spicy siakap with garlic at Jogoya. I like how each dish is served in small portion because I can try more dishes without getting too full.

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant’s grilled cod fish
The third type of fish we ordered in Jogoya is this grilled cod fish. I highly recommend this grilled cod fish if you are having buffet dinner here.

Jogoya Buffet’s Steamed Fish
This is where we ordered our cooked fish. Just choose and drop the clip and the waiter will send over the fish.

A bowl of fish maw
A bowl of fish maw at Jogoya. Fish maw is not really my favourite food because it is usually not much taste.

A lane in Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
A view of the seafood on ice section in Jogoya. I like how the lanes here are spacious and easy to walk around to get my food.

Jogoya’s Delicious Chinese Food

Chinese herbal chicken soup at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant Starhill Gallery
After the seafood and sashimi, we moved on to Chinese food. This is the Herbal Chicken Soup. The soup’s taste is yummy but still cannot compare with those restaurants that specialize in Chinese soup.

Chinese style abalone soup and mushroom soup at Jogoya.
Some of the Chinese soups you can order in Jogoya. Photos here are the Abalone Slice Chicken Soup and the Chicken and Mushroom Soup.

Fried edamame at the buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Fried edamame is also available here at Jogoya. Edamame is one of the healthy foods as they may lower cholesterol and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Yee Sang for Chinese New Year celebration
Since it is Chinese New Year, Prosperity Yee Sang is also served here on the day we visited Jogoya Buffet Restaurant. There is actually a promotion for Yee Sang where you can get one Yee Sang for free if you have 10 persons for your dinner group.

Fried spicy mussels at Jogoya Buffet.
Spicy fried mussels at the Chinese section.

Baked clam and mussel at Jogoya Buffet.
Baked clams and mussels at Jogoya. Like I mentioned before, there are so many types of clams and mussels cooking in Jogoya.

Jogoya’s stir-fried water spinach.
Besides all the meats, we also ordered this stir-fried water spinach to balance our meal.

Jogoya’s stir-fried emperor cress
This is where to order a stir-fried vegetable such as this stir-fried Emperor Cress. Simply drop your food clip here and a Jogoya’s waiter or waitress will serve the stir-fried vegetable fresh from the cooking pan.

Teriyaki Chicken Wing
Teriyaki Chicken wing at the Japanese section. I didn’t try this dish because I normally skip chicken in a buffet meal.

There are many types of noodle soup as well

Clay pot Tom Yum Noodle Soup at Jogoya.
If you want something soupy and spicy, you can order this pot of Tom Yum soup. What I like here in Jogoya is that some of the food are prepared only when you order them.

Noodle soup types at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
If you love noodle, there are many types of noodle to choose from in Jogoya. For example, there are Chicken Char Siew X.O Soup Ramen and Sichuan Mala Beef Mi Xian.

Clay pot Seafood Tom Yum Noodle Soup
I’m not sure what is this dish called. It looks like some clams’ noodle with mushroom. It is also prepared when you order them.

Clam Soup at Chinese food section
Big clams in soup are also served here in Jogoya.

Chicken Xiao Long Bao
Jogoya’s Xiao Long Bao from the Chinese Dim Sum and Soup section. Personally, I don’t like this Xiao Long Bao as the skin is too thick and the meat is too dry. Hopefully Jogoya can improve this popular Chinese food in the future.

Chinese dim sum and healthy soup at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant
An overview of the dim sum and soup section in Jogoya. It is so steamy here because the chefs are cooking dim sum and keeping the soup steamy hot for customers.

Jogoya Buffet’s Japanese Food

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant’s grilled shishamo.
Let’s move to Japanese food starting with this grilled shishamo fish. This shishamo fish is grilled to perfection and I had two of them.

Salted edamame at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant Starhill Gallery.
One of my favourite Japanese food, the salted Edamame.

Jogoya’s grilled giant purple clam.
Grilled Giant Purple Clam. There are really many types of clam cooking style in Jogoya.

Grilled tofu at Japanese buffet section.
Grilled tofu at Jogoya Japanese section. I don’t really like this tofu because it is quite dry. If the chef can keep the melting tofu texture inside, then it will be delicious.

Jogoya Buffet‘s Japanese Sweet Potato
Grilled Japanese Sweet Potato. I normally skip potato in a buffet because potatoes make my stomach full.

Japanese Tofu at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Japanese silky white tofu with fish roes on top.

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant’s Sushi
Japanese Sushi are also available, which I also skip because of the rice. But if you love sushi, there are many types of sushi in Jogoya.

Japanese fried food at Jogoya buffet restaurant.
Some of the grilled food you can order from the Japanese section here in Jogoya. I ordered my shishamo fish here.

Jogoya’s Japanese fried scallop which need two Jogoya member coupons.
This Japanese Fried Scallop (Hotate Furai) needs 2 Jogoya member coupons to order.

Jogoya’s Teppanyaki Lobster, only for member.
Another member only dish is this Teppanyaki Lobster.

Jogoya’s chef at teppanyaki section
This is the Jogoya’s Japanese Teppanyaki section. I ordered grilled lamb chop and grilled cod fish from here.

Jogoya buffet’s Japanese Teppanyaki choices.
There are many types of teppanyaki food here such as Golden Promphet, Teppanyaki Cod Fish and Fried Bean Sprouts.

You can make steamboat, shabu shabu or hotpot at Jogoya

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant’s Steamboat Pot.
Besides all the sashimi, fried and grilled food, you can also have steamboat, shabu shabu or sukiyaki in Jogoya. By using this steamboat pot in the photo above, you can steam some yummy meat and vegetables.

Jogoya’s Chinese Steamboat section.
The steamboat section where you can find fresh ingredients such as seafood, meat and vegetables.

Steamboat section at Jogoya
The steamboat section in Jogoya, where you can also refer to the instruction on how to cook your steamboat meal.

Fresh fish slices for the steamboat
Fresh fish slices for the steamboat. I’m not really sure what fish type is this.

You can make your own steamboat with fresh ingredients

Fresh prawn and salmon fish for the Chinese Steamboat at Jogoya Restaurant.
Fresh prawns and fish slices for the steamboat. Do note that food from this ice section is not to be eaten raw.

Fresh vegetables steamboat ingredients at Jogoya.
Fresh vegetables for the steamboat soup.

Chinese Steamboat section at Jogoya Buffet restaurant.
Overview of the steamboat section in Jogoya. Fuchuk (fried bean curd skin) and noodles are also available for the steamboat.

Jogoya Buffet’s Japanese Sukiya and Cheese Ramen.
If you do not want to make your own steamboat, you can also order a set of Japanese Sukiyaki here at Jogoya.

Western Food at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant

Jogoya Buffet’s Grilled Lamb Chop with black pepper sauce.
Jogoya’s Grilled Lamb Chop with black pepper sauce from western food section. Not the best lamb chop I have but the taste is quite delicious.

Fine dining at a Jogoya. A slice of grilled beef, Japanese Sweet Potato and grilled clam with a glass of red wine.
Just having a fine dining in Jogoya with a slice of grilled beef, mussels and Japanese potato, paired with a glass of red wine.

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant’s western food section.
The western food section in Jogoya. I don’t really order a lot of food from here since I get quite full from the Japanese and Chinese section.

Choices of western food at the buffet
Some of the Western food you can order at Jogoya such as Chicken Ham Carbonara and Grilled Chicken Sausages

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant’s western food section.
There are more types of mussels and clams cooking styles here at the western section in Jogoya, such as the cheese clams. I have enough of clams and mussels, so I didn’t try any of them.

Fried food at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant.
Some fried food at the Western food section.

Sauces for dipping fried food at Jogoya Buffet.
Different types of sauces for the fried Western food such as tempura sauce, mayonnaise and Thai chili sauce.

Roasted Lamb Shank for VIP member
Two Jogoya member coupons are required for this Roasted Lamb Shank.

Sweet Dessert at Jogoya

Osmanthus Tea Jelly at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant
After all the meats, seafood and vegetables, we continue with the dessert. My first Jogoya’s dessert is this Osmanthus Tea Jelly.

Jogoya Buffet’s Osmanthus Tea Jelly
All the desserts here at Jogoya are properly labelled like this Osmanthus Tea Jelly.

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant’s Coconut Pudding
The next dessert I tried is this Coconut Pudding.

Colorful desserts at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery.
There are so many types of desserts in Jogoya. One visit is definitely not enough to taste all of the desserts.

Cake choices at Jogoya.
More desserts such as cheese cake and coconut mousse.

Strawberry Cheese Cake at Jogoya.
I think this is cheese cake with strawberry on top.

Carrot cakes at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant
Carrot cake at Jogoya with leave shaped jelly on top.

New Zealand ice cream at Jogoya.
One of the main attractions in Jogoya’s dessert section is the New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream.

Premium ice creams are also served here for a happy ending

Haagen Dazs ice cream at Jogoya Buffet.
Another dessert attraction here is the Häagen-Dazs Premium Ice Cream. If you love ice cream, you should keep some space in stomach for them, unless you have the skill of storing desserts into heart instead of stomach.

Choices of Haagen Dazs ice cream at Jogoya.
Some of the Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavours here such as Summer Berries and Macadamia Brittle.

Puddings at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
There are many types of pudding at the dessert section.

My desserts choice at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant
My first serving of dessert consists of tiramisu, Osmanthus Tea Jelly and raindrop cake.

Dragon fruit and guava at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery.
I also ate a few pieces of dragon fruit and guava at Jogoya. The fruits were quite fresh as well.

Desserts at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
My second serving of desserts with cakes such as cheese cake and chocolate cake.

Fresh cut fruits at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery
Besides desserts, fruits such as watermelon, guava and papaya are served to conclude the meal.

Jogoya Buffet’s Classic Ice Cream Chocolate Cake.
Another dessert for member only is this classic chocolate cake.

VIP Chinese nutritious soup at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant
The photo above shows the Chinese soups for VIP member. They are Double Boiled Fresh Milk with Snow Fungus in Coconut Soup and Ginseng and Coconut Chicken Soup. I guess it is a coconut season In Jogoya?

Marshmallows for the chocolate fountain at Jogoya.
Marshmallows are also available here with chocolate fountain, a favourite spot for children.

Ingredients for the ABC at Jogoya.
If you like ABC or cendol or ice kacang, you can make one bowl yourself at this section.

Beverages and drinks at Jogoya

Thai coconut at Jogoya.
The most popular drink here for me is this fresh Thai coconut.

Colorful beverages at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant
Some of the colourful drinks at Jogoya.

Juice and herbal tea at Jogoya.
Fruit juices and herbal jelly tea to quench the thirst after all the yummy food at Jogoya.

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant’s Japanese Sake.
Japanese sake, imported from Japan, is available as a part of the promotion. I tried this sake but it is too bitter for me.

Red wine at Jogoya’s Buffet Restaurant.
Red wines are included in the buffet as well. The red wines served here are the sweet type.

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant’s alcoholic beverages.
Alcoholic cocktails are also available here such as the White Angel. Please do not drink and drive.

Japanese Premium Beer, Sapporo at Jogoya.
Sapporo premium beer at Jogoya buffet restaurant. This beer is not included in the buffet but you may order them separately.

Jogoya’s coffee machine.
Coffee machines are also available in Jogoya. If you are not a coffee person, different types of Chinese tea bags are also provided.

Handmade Flower Tea for VIP only
One of the Jogoya’s VIP drink, the Jasmine Fairy which is a type of handmade flower tea. I don’t think I will use my VIP coupon for a drink.

Environment at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant wooden long table.
Wooden tables and chairs in Jogoya restaurant. I quite like the wooden environment in a restaurant.

Jogoya's big and round dining table for big dinner group
One of the big round table in Jogoya. Do make a reservation or table booking if you are coming in big group. I think there are not many big tables around here.

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant is located at the 3rd floor of Starhill Gallery luxury retail mall

Foggy pool in Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Foggy pool near the entrance of Jogoya buffet restaurant. It is a nice spot for taking some photos as memory.

It is the Chinese New Year of Pig at Jogoya
Jogoya is decorated with Chinese New Year decoration during our visit. There were pigs on the decorations because it was the pig year in Chinese calendar. There are no porks served in Jogoya. However, I’m not sure if Jogoya is a certified halal restaurant.

Beautiful exterior of Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Very nice exterior wooden wall of Jogoya. You can spot Jogoya from far away with this big lantern as well.

Reception counter at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant, Starhill Gallery
This is the reception counter at Jogoya. Jogoya is located at the 3rd floor in the Starhill Gallery mall and easily spotted from the escalator.

Ongoing promotion at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant, Starhill Gallery
Some of the ongoing promotion at Jogoya Buffet Restaurant. Click here to view the bigger image if you cannot read the text in the photo above. According to the promotion, there is free flow of Sake imported from Japan. The best promotion is the Alaska King Crab for 38 persons and above.

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur and the clips for food.
Jogoya has a mobile app for iOS and Android. I haven’t tried the mobile app yet. Maybe we can make reservation using the app?

Food clips to order food at Jogoya
The food order clips of Jogoya comes with table number on it. Very convenient to use to order your food. Most of the food ordered with those clips come within five to fifthteen minutes.

Children below 130 cm height get a cheaper buffet price

Buffet price of Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill Gallery
The photo above shows the price of Jogoya buffet as in early year 2019. For lunch, it is RM 138 net per person. For time dinner, it is RM 148 for an adult. The price for children is cheaper at RM 15 for height 90-100 cm and half price for 101-130 cm. Please check the latest price with Jogoya first if you are making a call for reservation or table booking. The buffet price may increase over a period of time.

I would say the price is reasonable. There are many varieties of food which mostly taste delicious. The staffs’ service is good and the environment is comfortable.  Jogoya is definitely one of the top choices for a buffet meal.

Jogoya Facebook:


Address (Jogoya is at 3rd Floor of Starhill Gallery Mall):
Starhill Gallery T3, Relish Floor,
Level 3, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Call this number for reservation or table booking: 0321421268.

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All photos are taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II camera and Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens


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