Delicious steamboat dinner at PoPo Hot Pot SS2

PoPo Hot Pot SS2 at The Hub, SS2 Petaling Jaya

Popo Hot Pot SS2 is one of our favourite restaurants for a steamboat dinner. This is because the ingredients here are always fresh and high quality with reasonable price. We came here a few times already with family and friends for steamboat since the past few months. Besides that, Popo Hot Pot SS2 serves one of our favourite steamboat soup base which is not found in all other steamboat restaurants that we have visited. What is this soup base? Reads on to find out.

The photos in this blog post were taken in my latest steamboat dinner with laupoh. We came to PoPo Hot Pot SS2 here quite early and there were not many customers yet. Normally, this restaurant starts to get full house after 7pm. Let’s get started with the review of our steamboat dinner at this restaurant.

PoPo Hot Pot SS2 serves high quality fresh steamboat ingredients

Overview of our steamboat dinner at PoPo Hot Pot SS2, The Hub SS2.
This is the overview of our steamboat dinner at PoPo Hot Pot SS2. This photo does not show all the ingredients we ordered that night. Shown on the left are the pork balls, followed by Enoki mushroom and fish noodles. The bottom part are the fresh slices of pork.

Overview of our steamboat dinner at PoPo Hot Pot SS2, The Hub SS2.
This is the soup I talked about in the starting of this blog post. It is the ABC Soup base. So far, I have not seen any ABC Soup base in any other steamboat restaurants before. We love this soup base very much. Every time we came here, we must order this ABC Soup. Besides ABC Soup, their other popular soup-bases are Superior Pork Bone, Spicy Sour, Szechuan Peppery Pot, Mala (Wednesday and Thursday only) and Pig Stomach Soup (this one need to preorder).

PoPo Hot Pot SS2’s yummy ABC Soup
PoPo Hot Pot’s ABC Soup is so yummy even on its own. Before starting to steamboat, we will drink a bowl of the ABC Soup first. I also love the beautiful bowls and utensils in PoPo Hot Pot.

Fried ‘Ming Ha’ Prawn Cake and Fried Grandma Fish Cake.
Two of the popular side dishes at PoPo Hot Pot are this Fried ‘Ming Ha’ Prawn Cake and Fried Grandma Fish Cake. The prawn cakes have big and juicy prawns inside them. The Grandma Fish Cake is also delicious with the sweetness and fragrant of fried fish meat. These two side dishes are a perfect companion to our steamboat dinner.

ABC Soup as the base for the steamboat at PoPo Hot Pot SS2 The Hub SS2
Let’s start to steamboat all the food ingredients. Provided here are a big pot and a high-power induction cooker. Soup are boiled pretty fast with the electronic cooker. If you ordered two types of soups in PoPo Hot Pot, they will provide you a yin yang pot like many other steamboat restaurants.

Steamboat Ingredients at PoPo Hot Pot

PoPo Hot Pot SS2’s sliced pork
Photo above is the plate of sliced pork at RM 13. Pork slices are fresh and tender. There are around 10 slices of pork per plate. Must order this if you come to eat at PoPo Hot Pot.

PoPo Hot Pot SS2’s Cuttlefish Pork Ball
PoPo Hot Pot’s cuttlefish pork balls is hand-made, I think. One of the best pork balls I have eaten so far. At RM 5.80, this plate of pork balls has 4 pieces.

Premium fish noodle at PoPo Hot Pot SS2, The Hub SS2
We also ordered this plate of premium fish noodles. It is around 100 grams and cost RM 6.80. Another recommended dish to order for steamboat here at PoPo Hot Pot SS2.

Fresh Enoki Mushroom for the steamboat.
Besides the meat, we also ordered the Enoki mushrooms. This plate of mushrooms costs RM 4 per plate.

Watercress vegetable for the steamboat at PoPo Hot Pot SS2.
One of the vegetables we like is this watercress at RM 9.00. PoPo Hot Pot SS2’s vegetables are also always fresh like their meat choices.

PoPo Hot Pot SS2’s Chinese Cabbage
The second type of vegetables we ordered in PoPo Hot Pot is this Chinese Cabbage at RM 7.00. The Chinese cabbages are harder than other vegetables, so we always cook them first and eat them last.

All the vegetables here are very fresh

Tong Hou vegetable at PoPo Hot Pot SS2 at The Hub, SS2
This Tong Hou at RM 9.00 per bowl is my favourite vegetable for its special taste. However, no everyone can accept the special taste of Tong Hou.

Cooked ingredients from the steamboat.
All ingredients are cooked and ready to eat. What sauces are there at PoPo Hot Pot SS2 for you do dip the steamboat ingredients? Keep scrolling to find out.

Sauces and condiments for the hot pot

Garlic, chili and soya sauce for the steamboat.
Chopped garlic, chili, soya sauce and ginger. These two are my usual sauces for steamboat dinner.

Chili sauce for dipping with steamboat ingredients.
Red chili sauce, another must have if I’m eating steamboat. The one at PoPo Hot Pot is perfectly mixed.

Ginger sauce at PoPo Hot Pot SS2.
Ginger sauce is also available here which I normally eat with steamed chicken.

Coriander for the steamboat soup.
I think this is Coriander, which is also known as Chinese parsley. Sometimes, I like to put some Coriander into my steamboat soup.

Chopped spring onion for the steamboat
There are also chopped spring onion here at PoPo Hot Pot. This is not really my favourite.

Sauces for dipping with the steamboat.
Here is an overview of all available sauces and condiments for the hotpot. Come here and mix your personal sauces before the dinner starts.

PoPo Hot Pot SS2’s Food Menu
The food menu for the steamboat restaurant with prices. Just tick on the checkboxes on the paper and submit the order. My other favourite items here are the Drunken Chicken and Fried “Xiang Ling” beancurd roll.

Interior of PoPo Hot Pot, The Hub SS2

Interior of PoPo Hot Pot SS2 restaurant at The Hub, SS2
A view of the interior of PoPo Hot Pot SS2. This restaurant is very comfortable for a steamboat meal

Interior of PoPo Hot Pot SS2 restaurant at The Hub, SS2
Another angle of the interior in this delicious steamboat restaurant.

PoPo Hot Pot SS2’s big round table for big dining group
There are some big tables for big dinner group such as this one in the hot pot restaurant. However, the big tables are limited. So, if you plan to come in big group, do make a reservation as soon as possible.

Piggie decoration as it is the Chinese Zodiac Pig Year
Noticed this piggie decoration here. Piggie is being featured because it is the Pig Year of Chinese calendar.

Chinese decoration in PoPo Hot Pot SS2
Some of the Chinese decoration in PoPo Hot Pot SS2. When a restaurant has beautiful decoration, it makes me happy and want to come back again.

A big ceramic plate as decoration on the wall.
Spotted a bit ceramic plate used as decoration on the wall. I only use plate as big as this for Yee Sang on Chinese New Year.

Around PoPo Hot Pot SS2

PoPo Hot Pot SS2 at The Hub, SS2 Petaling Jaya.
PoPo Hot Pot is located at The Hub, SS2 Petaling Jaya. The Hub is a mixed commercial development by Selangor Dredging Berhad. It has 13 low-rise four-storey shop offices and 276 signature suites in a 44-storey tower

Beautiful view at The Hub, SS 2.
After the steamboat dinner, we like to walk around this beautiful park behind the PoPo Hotpot SS2. It is always good to take a walk after dinner to help the digestion.

Office tower at The Hub, SS2 Petaling Jaya.
Before leaving, I took another photo of this beautiful 44-storey office tower at The Hub SS2 Retail.

PoPo Hotpot SS2 is definitely our current favourite restaurant for steamboat. The food ingredients are fresh, the soup bases are yummy, the sauces are delicious and the staffs are friendly. Besides, it is easy to find parking here along the roadside. What is your favourite steamboat place? Comment below to let me know.

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