Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家

Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家 at Sekinchan

Ah Ma House (阿嬤的家) / Grandma House is one of the many tourist attractions in Sekinchan. It is actually a bakery shop selling kuih kapit (love letters / egg waffle) and other traditional Malaysia local snacks, biscuit and dessert. The grandma egg waffle sold here has rich traditional taste according to the visitors. Ah Ma […]

Tanjung Sepat Selangor One Day Trip

Tanjung Sepat One Day Trip

Since we got a one day holiday on this year’s Wesak Day and don’t know where to go, we decided to go to Tanjung Sepat for a one day trip.  Tanjung Sepat is a fishing village and also a small town in Kuala Langat district in Selangor, Malaysia.  Since it is only one day, we […]