Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant (青木亭放题) at Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara

Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant (青木亭放题) at Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara

Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant (青木亭放题) at Sunway Nexis mall, Kota Damansara is popular place for eat all you can buffet. The price for the buffet dinner is RM 78++ for adult. All the food here are prepared when you order to maintain the fressness. There are many choices of Japanese food but we didn’t get to try all of them since there are only two of us. Lets see what we ate and drank at Aoki-Tei buffet.

Aoki-Tei serves very fresh and thick sashimi.

Salmon Sashimi & House Sake
Come to eat buffet must order the most expensive food such as this salmon shashimi. We also ordered Aoki-Tei’s house sake which is free flow with the buffet. The sake can be served hot or chilled. I personally prefer the chilled one.

Salmon Sashimi at Aoki-Tei
Salmon sashimi at Aoki-Tei is very flesh and thick. Each plate has 5 thick cuts salmon and we finished 3 plates of serving.

Aoki-tei's Shiro Maguro Shashimi (Butter fish)
Besides the salmon shashimi, we also try Aoki-Tei’s butter fish shashimi. Actually this is my first time eating butter fish shashimi. Taste delicious and butterly hence the name butter fish, I guess.

Free flow House Sake for buffet
House sake that comes free flow with the Aoki-Tei buffet. We ordered one hot and one chilled.

Saba Shioyaki - Grilled Mackerel fish with salt at Aoki Tei Japanese Restaurant
We also ordered one grilled mackerel fish with salt (Saba Shioyaki). Grilled to perfection and served with a slice of lemon to enhance the taste.

Saba Shioyaki - Grilled Mackerel fish with salt at Aoki Tei Japanese Restaurant
Look at the crispy skin of the grilled mackerel. Crispy outside juicy inside. Definitely one of the must order at Aoki-Tei buffet.

Aoki-Tei's Edamame
Edamame, a common dish at a Japanese Restaurant.  Eat more edamame as it is a healthy food which has no cholesterol but high amount of protein, calcium, iron and other vitamins and minerals.

Aoki Tei's Beef Negi Kushi Yaki (Slice beef wrapped with spring onion)
Next, we also ordered a serving of this slice beef wrapped with spring onion. I like the slice beef but not a fan of the spring onion.

Aoki-Tei's Soba Salad (Sauteed buckwheat noodles salad served with veggies dressing)
We also try the soba salad here at Aoki-Tei buffet. Both laupoh and me also don’t like the taste. Perhaps we are not used to it.

Chawan Mushi (steamed egg) at Aoki-Tei buffet.
Chawan Mushi or Japanese steamed egg is my favourite in a Japanese restaurant. Aoki-Tei’s Chawan Mushi is savoury and delicious.

Aoki-Tei's Nasu Dengaku (Fried Egg Plant with sauteed fried chicken miso paste)
The is one of our favourite at Aoki-Tei buffet, the fried egg plant with sautéed fried chicken miso paste. What a long name. The Japanese name Nasu Dengaku is shorter though.

Aoki-Tei's Hotate Soup (Scallop soup with veggies)
Before eating anything, we warmed our stomach first with this scallop soup with veggies. Japanese call this Hotate Soup. Our bowl of the soup is served with two scallops and some mushroom as well.

Yasai Itame (Stir fried vegetables)
To balance our meal, we ordered this stir fried vegetables (Yasai Itame). The vegetables are fresh and crunchy.

Sizzling seafood
Our last order of the buffet is this plate of delicious sizzling seafood of prawn, salmon and squid legs with spicy sauce.

Buffet at Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant (青木亭放题 at Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara
Overview of our buffet dinner at Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant. Stir fried vegetable, sizzling hot plate seafood and grilled mackerel fish.

Wasabi ice cream
We end our buffet with this wasabi ice cream. Personally I find the taste is a bit weird. There are many other desserts too but my stomach is already full from all the delicious food.

Laupoh preparing wasabi sauce at Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant (青木亭放题)
Laupoh preparing wasabi for our buffet dinner.

Aoki-Tei’s environment

No-Face (Kaonashi) and friends at Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant (青木亭放题)
The room that we were seated has this drawing of No-Face and friends.

Studio Ghibli's family at Aoki Tei
The whole wall is painted with the family of Studio Ghibli.

The outside seating of Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant
Aoki-Tei also has outside seatings.

Aoki-Tei’s buffet menu

Price for buffet at Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant
Aoki-Tei’s buffet’s menu price. Price for adult is RM 78++, children below 90cm eat for free, 91-140cm eat for half price, 141cm and above need to pay for adult price and 30% off for senior citizen aged 60 & above.

Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant's desserts and beverages menu
Dessert and beverages menu. Free flow sake for the buffet. All item has ala carte price if you do not want to go with the buffet. You can also refer to the price to calculate how much you have eaten for the buffet. We ordered lime juice and orange juice which are refreshing and nice.

Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant's noodles and rice menu menu
Noodle and rice menu. Didn’t order anything from this page as we didn’t want to fill our stomach too full.

Aoki-Tei soup and steamboat (nabe) menu
Soup and steamboat menu. We only ordered hotate soup and Chawan Mushi from this page.

Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant's grilled and hot plate menu
Aoki-Tei’s grilled and hot plate menu. We ordered the delicious grilled saba fish and sizzling seafood.

Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant's sushi and hand roll menu
Sushi and hand roll menu. Normally we don’t order both for Japanese buffet.

Aoki-Tei's deep fried menu
Deep fried food menu. Not really a fan of deep fried food.

Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant's appetizer and salads menu
Aoki-Tei’s appetizer and salad menu. We like the Endamame but not the Soba Salad.

Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant's sashimi and nigiri sushi menu
Sashimi and nigiri sushi. We love the salmon and butter fish sashimi.

Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant (青木亭放题) at Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara
Aoki-Tei’s Japanese Buffet Restaurant is opened by Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant which I had buffet there a few years ago. Umai-Ya buffet has delicious mango and green tea ice-cream but not available in this restaurant.

Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant (青木亭放题) at Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara
Aoki-Tei is located at a corner in the Sunway Nexis mall.

Waiting for Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant (青木亭放题) to open
The entrance to the Aoki-Tei. We arrived early so have to wait. There was crowd already before the restaurant open. So do make a reservation or come early to avoid long queue.

The staffs are very friendly and the food are served very fast. We definitely will come back again in the future but in larger group so that we can try more of the Japanese food here.

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Aoki-Tei Japanese Restaurant (青木亭放题)

Address (Inside Sunway Nexis mall)
Unit D-GF-05, Sunway Nexis,
Jalan PJU 5/2,
Kota Damansara.

Opening hours:
11.30am – 2.30pm
6pm – 10.30pm

Telephone number: 03-61436868

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