2 person steamboat set at Coco Steamboat

Coco Steamboat (海底炉) at Old Klang Road

Coco Steamboat (海底炉) is one of our favourite steamboat restaurants mainly because of its popular giant pork knuckle bone milky and creamy double stewed soup base. Our other favourite steamboat place is the Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant for its wine soup and wine lala. Another favourite steamboat restaurant is the Yuen Buffet Steamboat for its eat all you can concept and the honey-glazed chicken wing.

We love Coco Steamboat for its awesome pork bone broth

Since the Old Klang Road branch has moved to a new location, we decided to come here for Chap Goh Meh and my birthday celebration. Coco Steamboat also has branches in Cheras and Puchong which we never went before. This blog post is for the Old Klang Road branch. We have never been to other branches of Coco Steamboat.

2 person steamboat set at Coco Steamboat
These fresh ingredients are set menu for 1 person (RM 18.80) but customer must order minimum 2 sets. There are prawns, pork balls, fish noodles, quail egg, dumplings, yam, crab sticks, fish balls, fuchuk, cabbage and other food which I’m not sure the name. There were four of us and we only ordered 2 sets as we don’t eat a lot.

Egg, noodles and mee hoon at Coco Steamboat
Just like other steamboat restaurants, the set comes with egg and noodle or mee hoon.

Vegetable at Coco Steamboat
We ordered a dish of watercress vegetable as add on. RM 8.90 per dish.

3 kinds of spices at Coco Steamboat
Fried garlic and chili sauce to go with the steamboat. Personally, I like the green colored one as the red colored one is too spicy for me.

Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
We ordered Coco Steamboat’s popular Double Stewed Soup with whole bone of pork knuckle.  For this soup base you need to pay RM 20.90 for a maximum of 5 persons sharing. Each additional 1 person will need to add-on RM 1. This soup is the best steamboat soup I have ever tasted, and you can see almost every table here will order this milky soup base.

There are 2 types of chili sauces for you to choose at Coco Steamboat

Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
The pork bone soup is boiled with big pork knuckle for many hours and you can find a lot of collagen inside. The soup also comes with radish, white cabbages, shredded yam and Chinese Bean curd Skin (Fu Chuk). It is also seasoned with black pepper.

Huge pork bone in the steamboat at Coco Steamboat
The giant pork knuckle from the soup. You can compare the size with the Chinese spoon here. It also has a lot of meat and collagen stuck onto it and requires bare hands to eat them.

Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
The Coco Steamboat’s interior wall is decorated with the restaurant’s history and the food photos.

Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
From this side you can see the popular Double Stewed Pork Bone soup base.

Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
You can also see the other 2 types of soup base, the Healthy Tomato Soup and the Nourishing Fish Head Clear Soup.

Panorama view of Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
The new location for Coco Steamboat is very big as you can see in this panorama photo. It is the biggest steamboat restaurant as far as I have visited.

Panorama view of Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road

Another panorama view of the Coco Steamboat with this photo of nature scenery.

Air Conditioned Room at Coco Steamboat
Coco Steamboat also has an air-con room. As you can notice here also, they are now using electrical induction cooker compared to gas previously. I feel it cooks faster than the gas stove.

Waiting chairs at Coco Steamboat Old Klang Road
There are many chairs near the entrance of Coco Steamboat. I believe the weekends will be very pack so do come early to avoid the queue.

The food menu of Coco Steamboat

Soup selection at Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
3 types of soup base for you to choose from. Click for full size. Coco Double Stewed Soup is the most popular selection here. Never had the chance to try the fish head clear soup and the tomato soup.

Menu of Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
The set menu. Click for full size. We normally only order the normal set menu. Don’t have any celebration yet to try the more expensive set.

Menu of Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
Some of the cooked dish for you to bite on while waiting for the food to be cooked in steamboat. Click for full size.

Menu of Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
Fresh seafood selections. Click for full size menu. There are aquariums here for the live seafood.

Menu of Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
Fresh meat and pork internal organs selections. Click for full size menu.

Menu of Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
All kinds of balls and steamboat ingredients. Click for full menu.

Menu of Coco Steamboat
The vegetables menu. Click for full size. There are so many kinds of vegetables name here in English which I have never heard of.

Menu of Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
Another menu of Coco Steamboat. Click for the food menu’s full size.

Drink Menu of Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
The beverages menu. Click here for full size.

Exterior of Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road
The exterior of Coco Steamboat is easily spotted when you are driving on Old Klang Road.

Coco Steamboat has moved to its latest 22,600 square feet outlet in The Scott Garden, Old Klang Road!

Here is the new address:
Lot 1-01-A Scott Garden Old Klang Road, 58200
Phone number: 019-277-6596

With such a big restaurant, the parking space seems to be a bit small. But do not worry as the friendly staffs there will manage the parking space for you and also the incoming traffic when you are leaving via the busy Old Klang Road. There is also a paid car park just next to this steamboat restaurant.

Coco Steamboat’s business hour is from 5:30 pm – 11:30 pm (last call).
It is closed on alternate Monday.

Reservations only apply in between 6 – 6:30 pm. If you come later than that, you will have to walk in, and tables will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coco-Steamboat/105336112869661

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