Hon Kei Food Corner's Pork Noodle with Pork Liver

Hon Kei Food Corner (汉记小食店) at Georgetown, Penang

Hon Kei Food Corner (汉记小食店) is where we had our last day breakfast here in Georgetown, Penang. Hon Kei Food Corner is popular for its pork noodle, fish head noodle and porridge. For noodle, you can choose from vermicelli, thick noodles, thin noodles, mixed noodles. For the soup, you can choose from Bitter Gourd or Salted Vege soup.

Hon Kei Food Corner’s Salted Vege Mixed Pork Soup 咸菜豆腐猪杂汤 with thick noodle

Hon Kei Food Corner's Pork Noodle with pork liver
My delicious bowl of Salted Vege Mixed Pork Noodle Soup. I choose to add on my favourite pork liver here. You can choose to add ingredients such as pork liver, pork heart, pork intestines, pork brain, pork kidney and pork tripe. If you loves all the pork’s part, do check out the Duck Kway Chap at Lebuh Kimberley.

Hon Kei Food Corner, very spacious to enjoy your meal
Hon Kei Food Corner is a very new and clean shop. It is previously a stall in Ho Ping Coffee Shop at the junction of Penang Road and Jalan Kampong Malabar according to Now Eating. It is very spacious and comfortable to eat here.

Hon Kei Food Corner's kitchen is facing the customers' eating table
What is interesting here is that the Hon Kei Food Corner’s kitchen is outside and facing the customers. You can watch their live action in preparing your meal.

The cheerful chef preparing your meal
One of the happy chef preparing pork/fish noodle/porridge soup non-stop.

Hon Kei Food Corner's chef
A serious looking chef frying something with the big gas fire.

Hon Kei Food Corner's ingredients
Some of the fresh ingredients for a bowl of pork noodle.

Hon Kei Food Corner, the cili padi
Who doesn’t like their pork spicy? Hon Kei Food Corner serves cili padi for their meal.

Hon Kei Food Corner's Pork Porridge
Laupoh’s porridge with minced pork.

Hon Kei Food Corner's coffee ice
Colleague’s glass of iced coffee by the window.

Hon Kei Food Corner's Almond Tea
Our cup of delicious almond milk tea.

Laupoh and me at Hon Kei Food Corner
Laupoh and me talking a photo in this nicely decorated restaurant.

Hon Kei Food Corner's classic ceiling style
The traditional wooden ceiling in Hon Kei Food Corner.

Hon Kei Food Corner's food menu
The food menu of Hon Kei Food Corner. Basically you choose whether you want noodle or porridge and then choose your soup and pork ingredients.

Hon Kei Food Corner's drinks menu
The list of beverages at Hon Kei Food Corner. They also serves toasted bread (roti bakar) and half-boiled egg. Do check out my post on Toh Soon Cafe (多春茶座) which serves amazing toasted bread and half-boiled egg.

Hon Kei Food Corner is a must visit if you love pork noodle.


45, Lorong Kampung Malabar,
George Town, 10200 George Town,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Tel/Phone Number:
+604-421 2235

Business Hour:
Open daily except Thursday from 9am – 3pm and 5pm – 12am

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