Paddy Processing Factory Sekinchan, Malaysia

Visit to Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery at Sekinchan

Paddy Processing Factory & Gallery is our next visit at Sekinchan after having our breakfast at Restaurant Riri Fatt Sekinchan. This place is under the management of PLS Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd and one of the paddy processing factory that allows tourist to visit and learn more about paddy processing and also about Sekinchan. It is […]

Restaurant Riri Fatt Sekinchan

Breakfast at Restaurant Riri Fatt Sekinchan

Restaurant Riri Fatt Sekinchan is where we had our breakfast during our 2 days 1 night trip to Sekinchan. Restaurant Riri Fatt is a shop with many hawker food stalls in it, all selling local food. There are many local people eating here. Let’s see what we ate for our breakfast at during our trip to […]

Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant Sekinchan (旺盛海鲜酒家)

Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant Sekinchan (旺盛海鲜酒家)

Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant (旺盛海鲜酒家) is the place where we had our lunch and dinner during our trip to Sekinchan. The chef at this seafood Restaurant at Sekinchan has over 20 years of cooking experience according to Since Sekinchan is also a fishing village, seafood here should be fresh and more affordable than cities […]